WIPocalypse list

I have a day at home without Logan here so that means I can actually get onto a computer! It’s easy enough to nurse while I type, and that’s mostly all Amelia does at this point when she isn’t sleeping. I’m planning to add more pictures of the kids from Christmas and all, but they are (slooooooooowly) uploading to flickr right now so I figured I’d type up my WIPocalypse list for the SAL that Measi has organized.

1. “Nova” by Genny Morrow, 44% done

downloaded08172008 002

2. “Mermaid Treasure Box” by Chatelaine, less than 5% done


3. “Mystery 4” by Chatelaine, 40% done


4. “Taj Mahal Garden” by Chatelaine, 18% done


5. “The Guardian” by Teresa Wentzler, 12% done


6. “Footprints” by Teresa Wentzler, 12% done


7. “25 Days” by Sam Sarah Designs, 85% done
Top of banner:


Bottom of banner:




8. “Quilt Mystery” by Chatelaine, 26% done

(squares 1-4 done, this is square 5 progress)


9. “Venice Mandala” by Chatelaine, less than 5%  done


10. “Augusta” by Mystic Stitch, less than 5% done

downloaded08172008 003

11. “Twilight Pearls Leaf Ball” by Just Nan, 5% done


12. “Nativity Kit” by Janlynn, 30% done

Nativity overall before last 2010 progress:


Wiseman after last 2010 progress:


13. “Blooming with Inspiration” by Blue Ribbon Designs, 5% done


14.  “Hanky Pysanky” by Ink Circles, 15% done


15. “Hawaiian Garden Mandala” by Chatelaine, 33% done


16.  “Medieval Town Mandala” by Chatelaine, less than 5% done


17. “Hallelujah” by Little House Needleworks, 5% done


My plans are to not start any new projects until I get under 15 WIPs, with one exception. Spot 17, “Hallelujah” is my only small travel piece. When I finish it I  can replace it with another small travel piece, etc. No medium or larger starts until I get under 15 WIPs.

Okay, I’ve updated my post now to include pictures of everything that I have started. Aside from small ornament-sized projects, I don’t plan to have any new starts this year, so my list is pretty much complete!


5 Responses to “WIPocalypse list”

  1. Christine S Says:

    So many pretty pieces! I can’t wait to see your progress on Nova and Hawaiian Mandala in particular.

  2. Christine Says:

    Your Chatelaines are so pretty. And we are both working on the Guardian! Yours is looking nice – I look forward to your progress.

  3. Joyce Says:

    I love them all, Jill. 😀

  4. Melissa 'Ziggy' Cook Says:

    Oh gorgeous patterns! I’m going to make me a sign that says ‘no new patterns’ when I look at others blogs. I think it’s the Guardian that I have in my stash too. Not much on it though.

  5. Karen Says:

    Nova is incredible! You’ve got a lot of big and challenging WIPs there, Jill. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.

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