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September 27, 2011

I don’t have time for a full post, but here is a picture of Chatelaine’s Japanese Garden, finished 9/10/11.


Stitching Update

September 2, 2011

I have a few minutes while I’m cooking dinner and waiting for Tom to get home with Logan (it’s so hard to do anything on the computer with Logan here!) so I will quickly get some stitching photos added! I’m almost done with Japanese Garden; this picture is actually out of date because I finished the stitching and started beading a couple days ago! It’s been four years since I finished a big Chatelaine piece so I’m really excited to be so close:


I’ve also been working on a Christmas stocking for the baby girl we are expecting in December. This is an older progress picture as well as I’ve done more since it was taken, but anyway here it is:


I’ve had a couple finishes this year that I never posted on my blog as well. I finished Drawn Thread’s “Flower Boxes” awhile back:


And I finished the Dinky Dyes’ “Celtic Tuffet” and even finished it into the tuffet shape:

And one final work in progress…I’ve finished the ornaments for SamSarah’s “Twenty Five Days”. Well, I finished the stitching anyway; I haven’t actually finished any of them into ornaments yet and I’m still working on the banner itself:

And with that I think I’m caught up on stitching pictures! Hopefully I’ll have a finished Japanese Garden to share soon!!