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Teething and other things…

August 15, 2011

I guess I haven’t been so great about updating my blog, even with the app on my iphone. It’s a pain because there isn’t an easy way to get pictures from flickr; I have to save them on my phone and then upload them to the blog, and I guess I’m lazy. I have a few minutes at home this morning while I eat breakfast though, so I thought I’d try and write for a change.

The last couple nights have been rough; Logan is working on his 2 year molars and it is hell. He is 19 months today; I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone! For anyone who I haven’t told already, either myself or through facebook or a bulletin board, we are expecting one more in December. We found out last week that we will be having a girl and we are definitely done after that!!

We’ve been up to all sorts of things since I posted last, although I spent 13 straight weeks sick pretty much every day and only started feeling better around week 19. Right around that time we went up to visit several of my relatives in northern California, via Sequoia and Kings Canyon. We discovered that Logan is a hiking machine!! Here are a few pictures from the trip:

Sequoia and Kings Canyon:




Visit with Family:




Hiking to Shealor Lake in the Sierras:




Sutter’s Mill:





It was a great trip, but as usual, too short!

I have a ton I should do around the house and then off to work, so I’ll save my stitching updates for later. Hopefully it won’t take months for me to get to those…