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I Cannot Catch A Break

September 29, 2010

So, it’s been a really crappy past week. Logan came down with a lovely gastro-intestinal virus last Wednesday…he’s over it now, except that his system is not completely back to a normal schedule. I had two migraines because of stress and the hot, dry weather. Tom came down with a cold on Sunday, and is due to travel for work today. So, of course, I wake up this morning with the cold he’s had. I am NOT happy!!

I am home, though, and Logan is happily playing while Luke and his friend play on the Wii (no school today). Seems like a reasonable time for a quick blog update. We’ve been quite busy with soccer and scouts and life in general. We spent all morning Saturday at the soccer fields between pictures and Luke’s game. Logan likes his new wagon:


The boys got dressed to support the Chargers, but of course they lost their first game:


I’ve been working feverishly on Logan’s Christmas stocking…I am starting to get anxious about finishing it in time. Here’s the progress as of last Sunday:


I’ve also been working on the Victoria Sampler “Hearts of America” series whenever I have a couple minutes but can’t bring the stocking with me (I keep one in my pump bag and work on it in the car, etc). I’ve been working on these since they came out in 2002, and it would be great to finish these already. I have now finished 27 of them. I may post pictures eventually; for now, here is the link to the set on flickr:

So, that’s how things are here. Hopefully things will turn around, and soon, because I’m afraid to ask “what next” at this point!

Skipped finish #3…

September 8, 2010

I realized as I was looking back through my blog that I never posted my third finish of the year. It was a special Lizzie Kate Christmas kit:


I would look up when I finished it, but Logan’s naps are all too short most days so I’m not going to take the time.

Things are going well here; Logan is into everything and sure can cruise around the house at a rapid pace these days. I need to upload some more recent pictures, but here’s one from a few weeks ago:


Did I mention we took the boys to Legoland the week before school started? I don’t think I mentioned it, or anyway I know I didn’t share my favorite pictures from the day. Logan loves playing in the water:



Evidently he likes swings as well:


So, things are good but busy. Hopefully I can at least manage the occasional brief post here now that I’ve figured out the best way (for me) to post pictures again.

4th Grade!

September 1, 2010

I don’t think I like the flickr changes…well I guess I’ll have to take some time to figure out what will work best. Their “blog this” link is fine if you just want to upload one picture in a post. Not sure how to make things work well if you want more than one.

Anyway, Luke started 4th grade last week; if I can get the HTML link to work then here’s the picture of the boys out front on Luke’s first day:


Well, I previewed it and it looks right. Here’s hoping…

I also finished another stitching project earlier this month; #4 for the year. This is Just Nan’s “Winter Hearts Humbug”. I haven’t finished it into its final shape yet, but will hopefully get to that soon.


Stocking Progress

September 1, 2010


Originally uploaded by mallonjill2000

I’ve been working on Logan’s stocking every chance I get; I think I’ll manage to finish this in time for Christmas after all. This is my first attempt to post a flickr picture using their “blog this” link…