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August Already?!

August 3, 2010

Um, yeah, I joined facebook (I think my husband is now the only person with internet access NOT on facebook) so my blog has been pretty badly neglected. I have a rare lunch alone at home today, so it seemed like a reasonable time to dust this thing off.

Life is good, but busy. Logan is doing extremely well and Luke still absolutely adores his little brother. Unfortunately Logan is NOT a good sleeper (oh how I didn’t realize how lucky I was with Luke and his sleeping) so if I get 3+ hours of consecutive sleep it’s a good night. Last night was, however, not a good night. I know this will pass, and before I know it he’ll be so big and sleeping through the night, so I’m trying to enjoy this brief time while he is so little. It’s hard when I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, though.

It’s been so long since I’ve posted that I have SO many different things to write about, and it’s overwhelming to know where to start. We took Logan on his first camping trip in July:

He likes to go hiking:

Eating is going really well; we skipping baby cereal and purees and went straight to finger food (otherwise known as “BLW” or “baby-led weaning”) and it’s marvelous. Strawberries are one of his favorite foods:

We went to the zoo in June:

And we had to lower the crib as he can now stand holding onto things:

I’ve also been stitching a little, since Logan will now happily play on the floor occasionally. I’m trying to finish his stocking before Christmas this year:

We’ve been in the new house for almost a year now, so hopefully I’ll get some good “after” pictures taken soon and do a fun “before and after” post. I have really come to love our little house!