SO Behind

Well, I’ve now been off work for almost three weeks, but I feel like I’ve been just as busy, if not more so, in that time! I’m sure it didn’t help that Christmas was last week and I had a fair amount to still do to be ready for Christmas. I had so many things that I put off “until I was on leave” that it hasn’t been very restful yet. I now have 8 more days until my due date…we’ll see if I get a little downtime before having the baby afterall.

I do have a ton of pictures to share, between Christmas, stitching, and the house. We’ve nearly finished the baby’s room but I still need to take pictures. We have a curtain rod and valence to put up, so hopefully we’ll get to that tonight. I’ll probably break the photos up over a few posts so I still have something to talk about after today. I’ll start with stitching since that was my blog’s original purpose anyway.

First off, I did finish my pirate map on 12/24:

I also finished my very first needleroll; it’s the Shepherd’s Bush Schoolhouse needleroll, and will be a gift for Luke’s teacher this year (he picked it out and really wanted me to stitch something for her). Here are two pictures of it, before and after finishing:

And I finished “Noel Naturally” by Cat’s Whiskers:

I’ll include a few of the house pictures too…these were taken a few weeks ago and the amount of progress since then has been enormous. I’ll post more house pictures next time.


Since these pictures were taken they have finished the roof (almost), the stucco is going on today, and the drywall is nearly finished and ready to be textured. As soon as the tile place re-opens from their holiday break we’ll be ordering tile, and it should start next week. We’ve ordered the tub and cabinets too. Crazy!!


3 Responses to “SO Behind”

  1. Christine S Says:

    Congrats on finishing your pirate map and other projects, Jill! They all look great. Glad to hear the renos are coming along and I hope things are finished quickly!

  2. Katri Says:

    Congratulations on such lovely finishes! The pirate map is awesome and the needleroll is very beautiful!

  3. Glenda Says:

    You’re not behind! You’ve just been forced to revise your deadlines.

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