One Week Down…

11 more to go? Construction is estimated to take 3 months…we’ve survived a week so far.

Getting up before 7am every day has been tough; I am not naturally a morning person, and I am always far more awake and alert in the evening. Getting to bed early enough to not be completely useless in the mornings (9pm last night…) has been hard. I’ve been taking naps after work when I can, but that’s not always easy. After today I have 10 more days of work before going out on leave. Of course, when I go out on leave I’ll still have to be out of the bedroom by 7am every morning, but at least I can stay in my pajamas on the couch for awhile, until the noise becomes unbearable. Today is was a cement truck; they are pouring the new foundation. Apparently the next door neighbors complained about the noise last week when the dumpster was dropped off. These are the loud neighbors who play the drums in their garage…they evidently aren’t morning people either. I know their kids had school that day (because Luke did too) and the noise doesn’t start until 7am which is the city ordinance, so I think it’s the dad who works odd hours who’s complaining since I’m sure the mom was up getting the kids ready for school by that point. Oh well.

I’ve been working on the pirate map when I’ve been stitching; between the early bedtime and playing lotro in anticipation of the Mirkwood expansion next week, my stitching time has not exactly been copious. I do have a picture to share, though, since it’s been a few weeks since the last one:

I’m hoping once I go out on leave that I can finish this one quickly and start the next pirate piece. And then there’s the Christmas stocking I’ll have to make for next year, and SO many other things I’d really like to be working on too. Did I mention I only have ten more work days after today? I’m so tired right now that the time can’t pass quickly enough! I don’t even mind work itself, it’s just the general exhaustion that’s doing me in these days…


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