7am…construction surprise

Today could have started better. Yesterday was day #1 of the remodel, which means setup and demolition. When we got home from work yesterday this is what we saw; not bad for the first day:

View from inside the bedroom (we’re planning to put in a clear “window” since it was very dark this morning…):

This is on the other side of the plastic where the bathroom used to be:

And this is the growing pile in the backyard:

Since we’re going to have a door leading into the entire bathroom area, it means the only real opening right now is where the closet wrapped around, to the left of the first photo (not visible in the photo). The plastic sheeting is hung such that the crew can get in through the sliding glass door but there is another door framed in between the bedroom and the bathroom, so except for the closet access the room is still sealed off. It’s a nice arrangement because it means we can still sleep in the master for nearly the entire duration of the construction, and set up the nursery in the meantime. We can’t work on the nursery until after the garage cabinets are done since it’s full of stuff right now, but we’re getting there. We bought the crib and changing table yesterday, so our list of things we still need is growing smaller every day; it’s exciting!

Anyway, back to this morning, which could have started better. The cats, naturally, can’t leave the darn plastic alone, so we got very little sleep since they were constantly trying to get around it. It was horrible; we’re going to have to figure out another solution. It’s really thick plastic and I don’t think they could actually get through it, but it’s especially annoying. Since we didn’t sleep well, and I’m so tired as it is, Tom closed the cats out of the bedroom after he woke up (they generally follow him around the house first thing in the morning anyway) so I could get another hour of sleep before the crew got there to begin working for the day. Unfortunately, they got there a lot earlier than we were expecting…7am instead of 7:30. I expected that Tom would warn me when they were there so I could get up and be out of the room…he expected to have the opportunity to do so. Instead, they got there at 7am and went straight to work, but he didn’t know they were there because he was in a different part of the house. I woke up to the sound of the sliding glass door opening and demo resuming. It sucked. I think we have a routine in place now where they’ll let Tom know when they get there. I really don’t want to be a high maintenance client, and I really don’t want to impede their work, but I want to know when they’ll be getting there so I can be prepared! I am super exhausted and it’s going to be a LONG day.

So, day #2…it didn’t start off as well as day #1. We do get to go pick out a tub at lunchtime, though, and then Luke’s parent/teacher conference is this afternoon. I think I’ll leave work early since I got in pretty early. Hopefully they’ll be done with the jackhammer by the time I get home. I still think doing the remodel now as opposed to later was the right call, but I was right in expecting the process to be unpleasant while pregnant!


One Response to “7am…construction surprise”

  1. JenJen Says:

    We had that happen with our remodel too – on a Saturday. DH and I were both sleeping in and the pounding woke us up! UGH! I bet it will be totally worth it though when it is finished. Good luck with the rest of the project. 🙂

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