Soccer and bathrooms

I seriously need a weekend to recover from my “weekend”. In our history of crazy weekends, this one was definitely up there. Friday night we got home to find that the bathroom floor had been grouted (we didn’t expect our brother-in-law to grout the floor, and it made all the difference in what we were able to accomplish), so Tom put up the backsplash and installed the toilet. Saturday he was up at 6am to grout the backsplash, which ended up being necessary given how the rest of the day went…

So, Luke played soccer again this year, and his team has had a rough go of it. In the whole season they won one game and tied two, losing all of the others. The final tournament was Saturday. Every team played two games, and there were different numbers of points awarded for different things: winning, tying, each goal scored, shutting another team out, etc. The points were compiled and then teams moved on to single elimination. Our first two games were a 9am and noon, so we had to be at the park at 8:30. Luke’s Cub Scout pack had their Raingutter Regatta scheduled for 1:30 in the afternoon (at the same park) so we figured we’d be able to get there too based on how the team has played. Boy were we wrong! They did lose the first game, after which we ran to a different park to register for little league since it was registration day and they aren’t offering registration online this year. Then we went home and worked like crazy to get the house ready: Tom got the plumbing in for the sinks and I moved as much out of the master closet as I could on my own since demo on the master bath/master closet began today.

We got back to the park at 11:30, and Luke’s team won their game so they ended up moving on. Then they won their NEXT game and played in the finals, taking second place over all:

He missed the raingutter regatta entirely, although his boat was finished and ready to race in case we were able to make it to both. He did virtually all of the work this year, with just a little help from Tom during the spraypainting and gluing of the rudder:

Of course after taking second place the coach had to take the team out for ice cream, so we didn’t get home until about 4:30. We got back home and did some more work until Tom realized he needed another trip to the hardware store, so we ran out to grab dinner and Luke and I went to the grocery store while he went to buy couplings or something. By Saturday night the sinks were functional, but had to sit overnight to test for leaks.

By the end of Sunday all leaks had been found and fixed, towel rods were hung and drawer pulls were installed, and we had everything out of the master bath and closet. When Jim (our brother-in-law, the general contractor) got to our house at 7:15am today I think he was shocked that we managed to get everything done. That’s not surprising, I was shocked too. And exhausted. After today I have 16 work days left and if I’m really getting up before 7am each day because they’re starting the work on the house that early, I think it might kill me. I’m planning to take a nap each afternoon when I get home from work; hopefully it will help.

Well, that’s enough to read…here are some pictures showing where everything stood Sunday night! We still have to put in the mirror (we’re putting a big one back in; although we re-textured the room, the wall where the mirror was doesn’t look great), the baseboard, and lighting fixtures for the can lights, but it’s functional anyway:

Here’s the transition from the hall; I’m still annoyed that the previous owners tiled the whole house but left crappy linoleum in the bathroom so we had to rip out the bulnose piece and find a transition that didn’t suck:


I realize now that I didn’t bother to take a picture of the tub/shower, but we didn’t do anything different with it. Maybe I’ll snap a photo with the shower curtain anyway since it looks nice with the rest of the room.

Demo started today on the master bath; we went home at lunch since we had cold stuff to put in the fridge from a Costco run, so we saw where things stand. Guess we’re committed now; the master tub was full of rubble! I’ll post before pictures of the master next, and I’ll probably post a lot of progress pics on the project. It’s a new experience to me and exciting, although it’s going to be a major pain for the next couple months!


3 Responses to “Soccer and bathrooms”

  1. Missy Ann Says:

    I like the transition between the tiles.

  2. Christine S Says:

    I think the transition looks great, especially since it ties in with the backsplash! Glad to hear you got all of your work done this weekend and congrats to Luke on his team placing second!

  3. Susan Says:

    I love your new bathroom (or what I can see of it!) – those countertops are wonderful, and look at all that storage space. Very nice!

    Congratulations to Luke’s team for placing second. That’s awesome, especially after a less than stellar season. I’m sorry he couldn’t participate in the raingutter regatta 😦

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