It was a really busy weekend for Tom; in fact Saturday was the first one of Luke’s soccer games that he missed all season. This is what the hall bathroom looked like before I left the house for soccer (not sure why the photo quality is so bad):

And this is how it looked when I got home:

We’ll be going to the granite place tomorrow to buy the counter; we’re going with a pre-fab  granite slab because it was surprisingly cheaper than we were expecting. We had originally planned to do a tile counter, but decided grout and blue kid’s toothpaste probably are a bad idea together. Hopefully the fabricator  can install the counter same-day or within a couple days. Tom is planning to tile the bathroom floor this weekend, then all we have to do is install the sinks, faucets, toilet, and other fixtures (medicine cabinet, towel rods, etc). We now have permits AND the home owner’s association’s approval for adding on to the master bath, so our brother in law will be over this weekend to get things started. Of course we can’t do too much until we have the other toilet installed, but he has some planning to do and we have to figure out how we’re going to deal with the construction (ie, what we have to move out of the master bedroom).

Thanks for the kind comments about basketball. I’m still really pissed at the 4S Ranch Boys and Girls Club. The lady there said she’d call me “either way” on Friday and didn’t. Luke had evaluations in the other league on Saturday, and I managed to talk two of his friend’s parents into signing their kids up too…so hopefully they’ll end up on the same team! Luke is okay with it now that his friends are playing in the other league too; we had a melt-down about it when I first told him, but all is well again.

I’ve been stitching on the pirate map some more but don’t have enough progress to take another picture yet. I’m really looking forward to going out on leave in another 4.5 weeks and having a little more free time for a bit.


5 Responses to “Cabinets!”

  1. Missy Ann Says:

    *sigh* I love a blue bathroom. Can’t wait to see it with the granite installed.

  2. Christine S Says:

    It’s looking great! The blue looks similar to the tile we used in our shower in the main bathroom. Can’t wait to see more!

  3. JenJen Says:

    The blue in your bathroom looks very similiar to the blue I choose for our new bathroom in our new basement. We also painted our master bath that color. So I must say you have excellent taste. 😉

    Good luck with the rest of the renos. 🙂

  4. Cheryl (momstitches) Says:

    You handy people impress me so much. I am already looking forward to the next progress pic. 😀

    Glad Luke is feeling better about the league change. You know, it will give him a chance to make some new friends!

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