Pirate Map Progress

Thank goodess Luke ended up being well enough to go trick-or-treating! Halloween was alright but gosh, I get tired easily these days. He ended up with SO much candy and had a great time with his friends (we’ve been trick-or-treating with the same group since he was 3 or 4). I realized I never took a picture of JUST him in his costume, so I’ll get him to put it back on. All of my pictures are of him with his friends.

I didn’t have much in the way of leisure time this weekend; I spent the bulk of my free time typing up wish lists for the Adopt-A-Family program run by the school district. I typed up 64 lists…and there will be many more. I usually help with gathering, organizing, and delivering gifts, but it’s too close to my due date this year so I opted for an earlier and less strenuous role!

I did finally take a picture of my pirate map progress though, so here it is:

Click on the picture itself to see a bigger version. I still have a lot of stitching ahead to finish both this AND the Bothy Threads Cut Thru Pirate Ship for the baby’s room, but the house is coming along slowly too. We finally got the hall bathroom textured on Friday and Tom got it primed over the weekend; hopefully he’ll get the painting started tonight. We are thinking about looking at granite remnants for the counter, after his mom made the suggestion since they’ve gotten lucky with that in the past. We were going to do tile but decided grout and blue toothpaste didn’t go well together. I’ll try to get some progress pictures along the way. We got the last of the neighbor signatures for the HOA review comittee which meets on Thursday (for the addition on the master) and we have permits now, so we just have to finish the hall bathroom and move stuff around so we can get started on that one. I can’t wait!!

Otherwise, things are just moving along under the heading of “normal life.” Luke is doing pretty well in school, work is going just fine, and I’m looking forward to having a few weeks off (hopefully) before the baby is born. Maybe I can make big progress on my pirate stitching then. My next “big task” is to get all my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving…the clock is ticking on that one.


One Response to “Pirate Map Progress”

  1. Christine S Says:

    Your map is looking really good!! Good luck with all the renos!

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