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November 25, 2009

I didn’t really enjoy the cement truck getting there at 7am yesterday, but here are the photos as of yesterday after work. We have a foundation!

back of house:

back and side of house:

And the pile of wood ready for framing today:

Tom said the framing goes up pretty quickly, so we’ll see some pretty obvious progress tonight. I’m excited to (hopefully) sleep in tomorrow! We’re having Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law’s house (the one whose husband is doing the addition). We had talked about going up to my brother’s but with how I’m feeling lately I don’t think the drive would be a good idea. It hasn’t been super bad yet, but I’ve had a lot more early contractions this time, which is something I didn’t have with Luke. They haven’t been bad enough or frequent enough for me to go to the doctor about them, but it’s enough that I don’t want to leave the area. I have an appointment this afternoon so I’ll definitely bring it up. For now I’m just looking forward to having a long weekend and then just 9 more days of work after Thanksgiving before my leave. I know I’m lucky and my job isn’t very strenuous, but it will be a LOT more comfortable to be able to sit and put my feet up throughout the day. It’s not real easy to manage that at work…

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving; I know I will!

One Week Down…

November 24, 2009

11 more to go? Construction is estimated to take 3 months…we’ve survived a week so far.

Getting up before 7am every day has been tough; I am not naturally a morning person, and I am always far more awake and alert in the evening. Getting to bed early enough to not be completely useless in the mornings (9pm last night…) has been hard. I’ve been taking naps after work when I can, but that’s not always easy. After today I have 10 more days of work before going out on leave. Of course, when I go out on leave I’ll still have to be out of the bedroom by 7am every morning, but at least I can stay in my pajamas on the couch for awhile, until the noise becomes unbearable. Today is was a cement truck; they are pouring the new foundation. Apparently the next door neighbors complained about the noise last week when the dumpster was dropped off. These are the loud neighbors who play the drums in their garage…they evidently aren’t morning people either. I know their kids had school that day (because Luke did too) and the noise doesn’t start until 7am which is the city ordinance, so I think it’s the dad who works odd hours who’s complaining since I’m sure the mom was up getting the kids ready for school by that point. Oh well.

I’ve been working on the pirate map when I’ve been stitching; between the early bedtime and playing lotro in anticipation of the Mirkwood expansion next week, my stitching time has not exactly been copious. I do have a picture to share, though, since it’s been a few weeks since the last one:

I’m hoping once I go out on leave that I can finish this one quickly and start the next pirate piece. And then there’s the Christmas stocking I’ll have to make for next year, and SO many other things I’d really like to be working on too. Did I mention I only have ten more work days after today? I’m so tired right now that the time can’t pass quickly enough! I don’t even mind work itself, it’s just the general exhaustion that’s doing me in these days…

7am…construction surprise

November 17, 2009

Today could have started better. Yesterday was day #1 of the remodel, which means setup and demolition. When we got home from work yesterday this is what we saw; not bad for the first day:

View from inside the bedroom (we’re planning to put in a clear “window” since it was very dark this morning…):

This is on the other side of the plastic where the bathroom used to be:

And this is the growing pile in the backyard:

Since we’re going to have a door leading into the entire bathroom area, it means the only real opening right now is where the closet wrapped around, to the left of the first photo (not visible in the photo). The plastic sheeting is hung such that the crew can get in through the sliding glass door but there is another door framed in between the bedroom and the bathroom, so except for the closet access the room is still sealed off. It’s a nice arrangement because it means we can still sleep in the master for nearly the entire duration of the construction, and set up the nursery in the meantime. We can’t work on the nursery until after the garage cabinets are done since it’s full of stuff right now, but we’re getting there. We bought the crib and changing table yesterday, so our list of things we still need is growing smaller every day; it’s exciting!

Anyway, back to this morning, which could have started better. The cats, naturally, can’t leave the darn plastic alone, so we got very little sleep since they were constantly trying to get around it. It was horrible; we’re going to have to figure out another solution. It’s really thick plastic and I don’t think they could actually get through it, but it’s especially annoying. Since we didn’t sleep well, and I’m so tired as it is, Tom closed the cats out of the bedroom after he woke up (they generally follow him around the house first thing in the morning anyway) so I could get another hour of sleep before the crew got there to begin working for the day. Unfortunately, they got there a lot earlier than we were expecting…7am instead of 7:30. I expected that Tom would warn me when they were there so I could get up and be out of the room…he expected to have the opportunity to do so. Instead, they got there at 7am and went straight to work, but he didn’t know they were there because he was in a different part of the house. I woke up to the sound of the sliding glass door opening and demo resuming. It sucked. I think we have a routine in place now where they’ll let Tom know when they get there. I really don’t want to be a high maintenance client, and I really don’t want to impede their work, but I want to know when they’ll be getting there so I can be prepared! I am super exhausted and it’s going to be a LONG day.

So, day #2…it didn’t start off as well as day #1. We do get to go pick out a tub at lunchtime, though, and then Luke’s parent/teacher conference is this afternoon. I think I’ll leave work early since I got in pretty early. Hopefully they’ll be done with the jackhammer by the time I get home. I still think doing the remodel now as opposed to later was the right call, but I was right in expecting the process to be unpleasant while pregnant!

Soccer and bathrooms

November 16, 2009

I seriously need a weekend to recover from my “weekend”. In our history of crazy weekends, this one was definitely up there. Friday night we got home to find that the bathroom floor had been grouted (we didn’t expect our brother-in-law to grout the floor, and it made all the difference in what we were able to accomplish), so Tom put up the backsplash and installed the toilet. Saturday he was up at 6am to grout the backsplash, which ended up being necessary given how the rest of the day went…

So, Luke played soccer again this year, and his team has had a rough go of it. In the whole season they won one game and tied two, losing all of the others. The final tournament was Saturday. Every team played two games, and there were different numbers of points awarded for different things: winning, tying, each goal scored, shutting another team out, etc. The points were compiled and then teams moved on to single elimination. Our first two games were a 9am and noon, so we had to be at the park at 8:30. Luke’s Cub Scout pack had their Raingutter Regatta scheduled for 1:30 in the afternoon (at the same park) so we figured we’d be able to get there too based on how the team has played. Boy were we wrong! They did lose the first game, after which we ran to a different park to register for little league since it was registration day and they aren’t offering registration online this year. Then we went home and worked like crazy to get the house ready: Tom got the plumbing in for the sinks and I moved as much out of the master closet as I could on my own since demo on the master bath/master closet began today.

We got back to the park at 11:30, and Luke’s team won their game so they ended up moving on. Then they won their NEXT game and played in the finals, taking second place over all:

He missed the raingutter regatta entirely, although his boat was finished and ready to race in case we were able to make it to both. He did virtually all of the work this year, with just a little help from Tom during the spraypainting and gluing of the rudder:

Of course after taking second place the coach had to take the team out for ice cream, so we didn’t get home until about 4:30. We got back home and did some more work until Tom realized he needed another trip to the hardware store, so we ran out to grab dinner and Luke and I went to the grocery store while he went to buy couplings or something. By Saturday night the sinks were functional, but had to sit overnight to test for leaks.

By the end of Sunday all leaks had been found and fixed, towel rods were hung and drawer pulls were installed, and we had everything out of the master bath and closet. When Jim (our brother-in-law, the general contractor) got to our house at 7:15am today I think he was shocked that we managed to get everything done. That’s not surprising, I was shocked too. And exhausted. After today I have 16 work days left and if I’m really getting up before 7am each day because they’re starting the work on the house that early, I think it might kill me. I’m planning to take a nap each afternoon when I get home from work; hopefully it will help.

Well, that’s enough to read…here are some pictures showing where everything stood Sunday night! We still have to put in the mirror (we’re putting a big one back in; although we re-textured the room, the wall where the mirror was doesn’t look great), the baseboard, and lighting fixtures for the can lights, but it’s functional anyway:

Here’s the transition from the hall; I’m still annoyed that the previous owners tiled the whole house but left crappy linoleum in the bathroom so we had to rip out the bulnose piece and find a transition that didn’t suck:


I realize now that I didn’t bother to take a picture of the tub/shower, but we didn’t do anything different with it. Maybe I’ll snap a photo with the shower curtain anyway since it looks nice with the rest of the room.

Demo started today on the master bath; we went home at lunch since we had cold stuff to put in the fridge from a Costco run, so we saw where things stand. Guess we’re committed now; the master tub was full of rubble! I’ll post before pictures of the master next, and I’ll probably post a lot of progress pics on the project. It’s a new experience to me and exciting, although it’s going to be a major pain for the next couple months!

Countertop Installed

November 13, 2009

Yesterday our countertop was installed in the bathroom! The sink that’s shown in the picture isn’t really plumbed yet; it’s just sitting in the hole. It looks good, though:

Our brother-in-law offered to install the tile today if we had everything ready, so we had yet another Home Depot trip yesterday. I should have floor tile pictures soon! He also started setting up for the work on the master; of course it won’t actually start until the hall bath is functional, but that should be this weekend. It’s very exciting!


November 9, 2009

It was a really busy weekend for Tom; in fact Saturday was the first one of Luke’s soccer games that he missed all season. This is what the hall bathroom looked like before I left the house for soccer (not sure why the photo quality is so bad):

And this is how it looked when I got home:

We’ll be going to the granite place tomorrow to buy the counter; we’re going with a pre-fab  granite slab because it was surprisingly cheaper than we were expecting. We had originally planned to do a tile counter, but decided grout and blue kid’s toothpaste probably are a bad idea together. Hopefully the fabricator  can install the counter same-day or within a couple days. Tom is planning to tile the bathroom floor this weekend, then all we have to do is install the sinks, faucets, toilet, and other fixtures (medicine cabinet, towel rods, etc). We now have permits AND the home owner’s association’s approval for adding on to the master bath, so our brother in law will be over this weekend to get things started. Of course we can’t do too much until we have the other toilet installed, but he has some planning to do and we have to figure out how we’re going to deal with the construction (ie, what we have to move out of the master bedroom).

Thanks for the kind comments about basketball. I’m still really pissed at the 4S Ranch Boys and Girls Club. The lady there said she’d call me “either way” on Friday and didn’t. Luke had evaluations in the other league on Saturday, and I managed to talk two of his friend’s parents into signing their kids up too…so hopefully they’ll end up on the same team! Luke is okay with it now that his friends are playing in the other league too; we had a melt-down about it when I first told him, but all is well again.

I’ve been stitching on the pirate map some more but don’t have enough progress to take another picture yet. I’m really looking forward to going out on leave in another 4.5 weeks and having a little more free time for a bit.

Ready for a Break

November 6, 2009

It has been a LONG week, and even though I only have five more weeks until I go out on leave, right now it seems like an eternity. Normally I like the time change at this time of the year. I know it’s an unpopular stance, but I hate getting up in the morning when it’s still dark out. I’ve managed to get up a lot “earlier” this week, but I’ve been staying up later and I’m exhausted. Luke has still not been quite 100% this week; I am thinking he must have had the flu after all, from comparing notes with other parents. I managed to avoid catching whatever he had, so that’s definitely fortunate! It’s been a busy week, though; Tom (and Luke…who was desparate to help) painted the hall bathroom, a coat at a time each night after work. I made dinner and cleaned the house and made sure Luke got his homework done, in addition to the regular weekly commitments. I also typed up 75 adopt-a-family wishlists (just 40 or so left for tonight/tomorrow and I’m done!). None of that would be a big deal, except at seven months pregnant I’m pretty darn tired most days. Thankfully Luke’s soccer game tomorrow isn’t until 1:30, so I can sleep in and recover a little, I hope.

I took “Hanky Pysanky” off the q-snaps the other day so that I can go back to SamSarah’s “Twenty Five Days” for awhile. Here’s where my progress was when I set it aside for now:

Well, that’s about it for now. Well, almost. I’m also really pissed off at the 4S Ranch Boys and Girls Club, who shifted their winter youth basketball season by a month, so they completed sign-ups mid-October instead of mid-November like the last two years. Despite the fact that Luke has played there for the last two years, and we’ve always gotten e-mails in the past, they didn’t send anything this time. I found out from another parent this morning at school…a parent whose husband coached the last two years and didn’t get notified of the change either. Tom is wondering if they’re trying to exclude the Westwood kids on purpose…I don’t know. We may still be able to get Luke in if there’s a cancellation, but I don’t know if it’s worth waiting around for it or not. There’s another league here that is holding evaluations tomorrow, so I may try to get Luke in there instead. It’s the RB league, which is technically the closest one to us, but we’ve never played there before because it doesn’t start until 3rd grade and the 4S league started in 1st grade. I guess the only upside is that there might be other friends of his that got dissed by 4S too, so maybe we’ll know people in the other league after all. I guess I’ll ask some of the other parents tonight at soccer what their plans are.

Pirate Map Progress

November 2, 2009

Thank goodess Luke ended up being well enough to go trick-or-treating! Halloween was alright but gosh, I get tired easily these days. He ended up with SO much candy and had a great time with his friends (we’ve been trick-or-treating with the same group since he was 3 or 4). I realized I never took a picture of JUST him in his costume, so I’ll get him to put it back on. All of my pictures are of him with his friends.

I didn’t have much in the way of leisure time this weekend; I spent the bulk of my free time typing up wish lists for the Adopt-A-Family program run by the school district. I typed up 64 lists…and there will be many more. I usually help with gathering, organizing, and delivering gifts, but it’s too close to my due date this year so I opted for an earlier and less strenuous role!

I did finally take a picture of my pirate map progress though, so here it is:

Click on the picture itself to see a bigger version. I still have a lot of stitching ahead to finish both this AND the Bothy Threads Cut Thru Pirate Ship for the baby’s room, but the house is coming along slowly too. We finally got the hall bathroom textured on Friday and Tom got it primed over the weekend; hopefully he’ll get the painting started tonight. We are thinking about looking at granite remnants for the counter, after his mom made the suggestion since they’ve gotten lucky with that in the past. We were going to do tile but decided grout and blue toothpaste didn’t go well together. I’ll try to get some progress pictures along the way. We got the last of the neighbor signatures for the HOA review comittee which meets on Thursday (for the addition on the master) and we have permits now, so we just have to finish the hall bathroom and move stuff around so we can get started on that one. I can’t wait!!

Otherwise, things are just moving along under the heading of “normal life.” Luke is doing pretty well in school, work is going just fine, and I’m looking forward to having a few weeks off (hopefully) before the baby is born. Maybe I can make big progress on my pirate stitching then. My next “big task” is to get all my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving…the clock is ticking on that one.