This and That (mostly non-stitching)

I have been stitching, but haven’t taken any new photos to share in the last few days. I’m nearly done with another needlepoint candy, but it requires a million french knots using 1/16″ kreinik metallic ribbon, and I can only do so many of those before my fingers hurt. I was looking through my pictures the other day and I sure have a lot of those stitched; hopefully I can get them finished by the time I have a place to display them. I’ve been working on Hanky Pysanky again; I have several other things I *should* be working on, but I am enjoying that one so much at the moment that I can’t put it down.

I got an interesting e-mail from my uncle yesterday; this is the same uncle who Tom and I visited a couple summers ago when we backpacked in Olympic National Park, and the same uncle who walked me down the aisle at my wedding. He’s in a band called the Blue Ringer Band; it’s bluegrass I guess. Anyway, his band has been placed on the Official Ballot for the 2010 Grammy Awards, in four different categories. Category 1: record of the year, Category 3: song of the year, Category 16: best rock performance by a due or group with vocals, and Category 41, best country song. How cool is that?! The e-mail included a link to listen; I haven’t checked it out yet, but here it is: I don’t know anyone who is a voting member of the Grammy’s, but if anyone out there does know someone who is a voting member, ask them to at least give them a listen!

In completely unrelated news, we were in the car yesterday and Tom asked if I’d heard about the tsunami that hit American Samoa. Luke got really animated and started talking about it, saying he’d heard about it at school. Apparently his teacher’s son was there on his honeymoon, and he and his wife got evacuated to a different island and then had to climb up to the highest point. Tom had brought up the subject since it’s the location of the new season of Survivor, but Luke’s story about his teacher’s son was a little closer to home. Apparently she has heard from him and he and his wife are okay; they were eating at a restaurant at their hotel when it happened and I guess it was all pretty quick.

And, finally, we are going ahead with the remodel but scaling it back so that it isn’t quite as expensive or involved. It’s about time we get started, though. Tom was home this morning after dropping Luke off because our brother-in-law was due to come over to start taking measurements. About 40 minutes before he was supposed to be there, the doorbell rang. I was still in bed, but it woke me up and I started getting ready for my day, assuming it was him. No, it was a man who didn’t speak any English looking for work. That’s just great. I guess we really need to get our front yard dealt with so we don’t have random people coming up to the door anymore. I’m just glad that Tom was there; it would have freaked me out if I’d been home alone, and I am sure I’d have let him have it (although, according to Tom, he wouldn’t have understood a word I said anyway). So, hopefully the remodel will still be done by the holidays. I’m not really looking forward to the time between now and then, but  I can’t wait to have it finished. We’re adding a walk-in closet and reconfiguring the master bath so that we’ll have a separate room for the toilet, and separate tub and shower. I can’t wait!


One Response to “This and That (mostly non-stitching)”

  1. JenJen Says:

    Good luck with your remodel Jill. Our new house has a walk-in closet and a separate tub and shower. I’ve never had that before and it is heavenly. 🙂

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