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A Small Picture

September 28, 2009

I’ve been stitching, but not as much the last few days. We got some network issues sorted out at home and I’ve been playing lotro again, in addition to re-reading the Harry Potter series. I did get some stitching in on the pirate treasure map and on Hanky Pysanky also, but haven’t taken updated pictures of those. The only picture I have to share today is a small one; I finished the chimney last night for the Gingerbread House. Here it is:

The next piece I’ll be doing (which I started last night) is the biscornu, because of how I’ve divided up the fabric, and the next part after that will be the other roof side. I hope I can manage to finish it for this Christmas. I know I’ll have the stitching done with plenty of time to spare, but we’ll see about the finishing.

Roof #1

September 23, 2009

We are well into the craziness that is the school year and I’m very ready to have maternity leave! Yesterday there was an extra soccer practice, followed by bell choir, and then I had to grade 7 minute math (one of the ways I’m helping Luke’s teacher this year; I also go in on Thursdays, starting tomorrow, to help with math in class). I finally had that done by 10pm and should have gone to bed, but I just had a few beads left to add to complete the first roof portion and I couldn’t resist. Here it is:

I haven’t even cut the next piece of fabric yet; maybe tonight, if I have time after Cub Scouts and cleaning up the house…

2nd Part…

September 16, 2009

Last night I finished up the second piece of the gingerbread house…here it is:

The stitching itself is going pretty quickly; that means the finishing won’t be too far off in the future…and I’m scared since I’ve never finished a 3-d stitching object before. I mean, I have plenty of projects in my stash that are designed to be finished into various shapes, but I haven’t done any of that finishing yet (the needlepoint candies are still unfinished too…).  I guess I’ll have to learn how to do it eventually.

I had a little bit of a scare this morning; I went to get a bagel on my way to work and nearly passed out. I broke out into a sweat, got dizzy, and everything went black. Fortunately I got into a chair and it passed; it was scary though. I think my iron and blood sugar are low; I need to make sure I’m eating more frequently I think. I don’t remember this happening when I was pregnant with Luke, but I pretty much ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted with him, and gained way too much as a result. I’m not actively dieting or anything like that, but I guess I need to be a little more aware of when I need to eat. I’ve got an hour or so until lunch, so I think I’m going to have a banana…

Gingerbread House!

September 14, 2009

I came home from work on Friday to find the package with my Gingerbread House chart and materials waiting for me. Like I predicted, I dropped everything else and started it Friday night. Luke was at his dad’s and I spent a lot of time on it this weekend…I finished the first part; the back of the house:

Luke woke up with a fever this morning so I stayed home in the morning and Tom went to work, then we  traded places at lunch. I got a fair start on the next part done but haven’t taken a picture of it yet. I’m a little intimidated by the finishing work, but I have a lot of stitching to do before I have to really worry about it. I love this design!!

Tiny House Update…

September 10, 2009

We met with our brother-in-law last night and went over the house plans;  he’s working on the next rev of the sketch and then we’ll figure out the pricing details. It’s very exciting! I’m sure it will be interesting since it probably won’t be done until February, but it will all be worth it in the end. Remind me I said that, in a few months…

I’ve been working steadily on the Oak Island piece; I’ve finally reached the bottom left edge of the island (not of the chart; I’m not that fast!) so I got to use a color other than green or grey last night. I also got notice that my Gingerbread Stitching House from Victoria Sampler shipped yesterday, so I may drop everything and pick that up as soon as it arrives. If anyone hasn’t seen it yet, here’s the link:

I can’t wait! Oh how I need more hours in the day…

2 New Projects

September 8, 2009

I didn’t have the best 3 day weekend, but I’m not going to get into it right now. I spent the entire weekend sick, and did at least get a lot of stitching done as a result. I have two progress pictures to share; this first is a project I’d forgotten I’d started. I came across it a little while ago, and started working on it again. I just love it! It’s “Hanky Pysanky” by Ink Circles, using the Rainbow colors instead of the Pastels:

The second is “Pirate Treasure Oak Island” by Lynn Nicoletti. We’re planning to do a pirate them in the baby’s room, so I’m trying to stitch this and the Bothy Threads “Cut Thru Pirate Ship” before then. We’ll see if they really both get done or not…this one was Tom’s vote for which one to start first.

Instead of using2 strands of DMC 3013 (the lighter green in the picture) I’m using 1 strand of 3013 and 1 strand of Krienik glow-in-the-dark. It’s not a tremendous amount of fun to work with, but the effect should be worth it in the end. I only started it last weekend and haven’t worked on it very much until yesterday. Hopefully it will go quickly!

Of course, we finally got the network set up at home so I can get back online and play Lord of the Rings Online, so we’ll see how much stitching I’m doing in my free time. It’s nice to finally be getting settled into the new house a little bit!

Quick Post

September 4, 2009

Well, we still don’t know what we’re going to do about remodeling, but our brother-in-law drew up some gorgeous plans and we’ll talk to him next week in greater detail about it all.

We took a couple pictures while we were at Disneyland for my birthday last week. It was a great day; it was very hot, but there was no one there. Since I have an annual pass there is a special bonus this year (you know, instead of getting in free since that’s their current birthday promotion). I got to choose from a list of things, and I selected the special fastpass option. Each person in the group got 6 fastpasses, 3 each of 2 kinds, that can be used on a variety of rides. There were still a few rides I could go on, so it wasn’t a bad day (and it meant I didn’t have to wait very long when they went on rides I couldn’t). I got a couple pictures; I don’t really like having pictures taken of myself when I’m pregnant because I feel fat and gross! But oh well. Here’s one of the three of us:

And one of just Luke, who really liked the sunflowers:

I’ve been sick all week and plan to take it easy most of the weekend, so hopefully I’ll have some stitching pictures to share in my next post!