3rd Grade!

Well, I’ve uploaded house “before” pictures and will get to them eventually, but that will be a separate post. Today was Luke’s first day of 3rd grade! How can he be in 3rd grade already?! It’s so hard for me to believe. I got a picture of him in front of the new house:

And another at his desk:

He has some friends in his class, which is great. I managed to get up early enough to get him there; I actually rode into work early with Tom for a change. He suggested we go to CVS and get all of the school supplies before the crowd. What a great idea; we found everything except for a zippered pencil pouch.

In other news, I took a picture of my finish on Saturday; I had about 20 minutes left of stitching on “From Sea to Shining Sea” so I worked on it between packing and loads of laundry. Note that I haven’t stitched since…but here it is:

So, that’s it for now! Since I won’t be stitching again for a little while I’ll save the house entry (or entries) as filler for the stitching drought…


7 Responses to “3rd Grade!”

  1. Melissa (The Daily Mel) Says:

    OMG! I can’t believe Luke is in 3rd grade already! He looks so tall in that photo. Where does the time go?

    WTG on your STSS finish! I really need to work on mine again. My problem is I have too many WIPs right now and I *LOVE* them all. LOL

  2. Chiloe Says:

    I remembered the past pictures 🙂 he looks so grown up now! 😮 Hope he enjoys the new school year 😉

  3. Deanne J Says:

    They grow up so fast.

    Congrats on your finish

  4. Christine S Says:

    Wow, 3rd grade already! Time is flying. (And hey, we need to see some pictures of you soon!)

    Your finish turned out really lovely. Congrats!

  5. Terri Says:

    Where’d that baby go that met back in 2001/2002? LOL

  6. Cheryl (momstitches) Says:

    Oh, he is NOT in 3rd grade ALREADY?!?!! Can’t be. Enjoy the age/stage he’s in at the moment – it goes quickly.

    Looking forward to some house pics when you get to them!

  7. Susan Says:

    Great finish on “From Sea to Shining Sea”.

    I can’t believe Luke is already in 3rd grade! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – Ethan started 4th grade this week!

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