Been Awhile, again…

Well, I guess I’ve really gotten remiss about updating my blog.  Life has been pretty busy lately! I didn’t want to say anything here until most people I know already “knew”, but tomorrow I will be 11 weeks pregnant. I’m due January 7th, 2010 and I’m still scared to death after the miscarriage last December. We had the first ultrasound last week and all is well so far. I don’t think I’ll be able to relax until there’s actually a baby at the end of it all, though!

I never posted about our trip to London, although I’ve had pictures up on flickr for awhile; they can be seen here: We were only there for five nights which is really not enough time to do everything, but it was better than nothing! We went to Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, Bath, Stonehenge, Oxford, British Museum, and walked all over the city. It was a good trip except practically everyone smokes there which is disgusting. At least they can’t smoke inside restaurants or pubs anymore; that certainly made it a little more tolerable. Here are just a couple of pictures from the trip:

Westminster Abbey:

Tower of London:

We visited “Platform 9 3/4” at King’s Cross Station and went to the Bird and Baby where Tolkein and C.S. Lewis used to hang back in the day.  There are pictures of those on the flickr page also.

Since we’ve been home I’ve mostly been trying to stay awake and not puke. Good times. We made some alts in lotro for their kinship contest and got them to level 31, and I’ve been doing some stitching too. Hopefully I’ll make some decent stitching progress soon so I can post some more pictures. I’ll try not to let another month go by without posting again, honest…


9 Responses to “Been Awhile, again…”

  1. Susan Says:

    I know what you mean with your smoking comment – we recently went to Louisville, and I was surprised at the number of smokers. In Chicago, whever I see someone smoking while walking down the street, I automatically assume they are tourists 🙂

    I hope the pregnancy proceeds smoothly, and that the morning sickness doesn’t last much longer.

  2. RC Says:

    Oh Jill, that is great news! =) My dd’s birthday is 1/6. If I remember correctly, Luke’s is very near that date right? Wouldn’t that be something to have his new sibling share his bday?

    Hope the morning sickness passes soon!

  3. cj Says:

    Wonderful news, congrats. The London trip sounds fantastic, I will have to go look at your other pictures. CJ ok-)

  4. Karen Says:

    What great news, Jill! Congratulations! I hope you feel better soon. From what I understand, morning sickness is a really good sign.

  5. Katri Says:

    Great news, Jill! Congratulations!

    Thanks for sharing the pics of your London trip.

  6. Glenda Says:

    Wonderful news! And we are all thinking good healthy thoughts for you.

    The trip sounds fabulous. And I agree, it’s strange to encounter smoking when you’re not around it much. I much prefer it’s absence.

  7. JenJen Says:

    Congratulations Jill! 🙂 Hope this pregnancy continues to go smoothly and that the morning sickness lets up soon. Great pics of your trip. 🙂

  8. Cheryl (momstitches) Says:

    Wishing you good health and happiness with this pregnancy! Your London pics are fab! Love to see what you’ve been stitching. 😀

  9. Sue Says:

    Just saw your good news now, Jill! I am so very happy for you , and you and yours will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Take care. I think of you and the other Southern Cal stitchers often and hope we can all see each other again sometime in the future.


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