New Year

Well, it’s a new year. Whether it turns out to be a happy one or not, well, I’m reserving judgment. I think most people who might happen upon this have already been told. Maybe not. I found out the week of Christmas that I was pregnant, only to miscarry last week at just over 5 weeks. Friends who have followed my blog for awhile know how badly I want to have another child. Now I’m in a happy marriage with a husband who wants to have kids, and this is how that endeavor begins. To say I’m disappointed is, of course, quite the understatement. One of the worst parts is that I am terrified about the next time. When I was pregnant with Luke my life was in a bad place, and it wasn’t an experience I got to enjoy so having it be a good thing that I could enjoy was something I was really excited about this time. Now I’m afraid that if I get pregnant again I’ll spend the whole time afraid of what might go wrong. Life really sucks sometimes, you know?

I took last Friday off work and pretty much wallowed for three days while Luke was at his dad’s. On the upside, I have plenty of stitching progress to show off once I take some photos.

One a separate note, yesterday was Luke’s 8th birthday. I’ll have pictures to share from that too. At some point soon here I need to make arrangements for his birthday party. I always throw it a little late so it’s more removed from Christmas. The particulars (like date, location, etc) remain to be set. I’m just not in a celebratory mood, but I imagine I’ll suck it up and figure it out shortly.

So far 2009 is not off to the best start. 2008 started very well and ended very badly…here’s hoping for a reversal in 2009.


13 Responses to “New Year”

  1. Melissa M. Says:


  2. JenJen Says:

    ((Jill)) Try not to worry about next time. I know lots of women including some in my own family who have had a miscarriage and gone on to have as many more children as they wanted. It doesn’t mean you will necessarily have any trouble conceiving or carrying a child. Lots of times it is just a fluke thing. I just know a happy, successful pregnancy will happen for you soon . 🙂

  3. Melissa C. Says:

    Again, I’m so sorry. 😦 I wish there was something I could say that would help, but just know that you’re in my thoughts.

  4. Susan Says:

    {{{Jill}}} – I’ll continue to send positive “get pregnant” vibes! – I’m so sorry that the old year finished on such a sad note for you, but I hope that this year will finish with you holding a new baby in your arms – I know how much having another baby means to you. I’ll continue to keep you in my thoughts.


  5. craftyland Says:

    Oh Jill. 😦 That is very sad news. *hugs*

  6. Christine S Says:

    I know I’ve offered hugs already but I don’t think it’ll hurt if I offer some more. (((Jill)) I’ll continue to think good “get pregnant” thoughts for you, too.

  7. indystitch Says:

    ((Jill)) So sorry…. I know how excited you were to be pregnant. I was so sorry to hear about your loss.

    Hang in there and have fun trying!

  8. Cathy Says:

    I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but please know you are in my thoughts. Take care.

  9. Erin Says:

    Definitely hoping for 2009 to have a happy ending for you!

  10. Katherine Says:

    Hi Jill! I’m sending you lots of love and hugs! xxxxxxxxooooooooo

  11. Shalini Says:

    I’m sorry Jill {{Hugs}} I’m hoping for a 2009 baby for you.

  12. Sue Says:

    I’m so, so sorry to learn this, Jill. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Take care.

  13. FaithAnnNB Says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss, Jill. I hope you and Tom are able to expand your family and that you will get the wonderful experience that you deserve. {{{hugs}}}

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