Weekend, what weekend?

Gosh, what a busy weekend. It certainly wasn’t any sort of rest. The house is now clean enough and de-cluttered enough for our realtor to take photos today for our listing. Keeping it this level of clean and picked up may just kill me. Luke is leaving Wednesday night to go skiing with his dad, so we’ve scheduled our first open house for this weekend.

Pictures are still trapped in my camera. I did get a little time to stitch in the evenings, but it was pretty minimal. I started a new Christmas ornament for Luke; it’s the Jemini Designs otter ornament from this year’s JCS magazine. I managed to get a decent amount of exercise in also, which was great. Oh yes, and we finally watched the new Indiana Jones movie. Wow, what a disappointment. I mean, aliens? Really?! You’d think with 20 years (or whatever) between movies they really could have come up with a better plot. That’s an hour and a half (or so) that I’ll never get back!

Well, once we get pictures from our realtor I’ll post them as “after” remodel pics. And, of course, the packing continues…fun…not! I don’t often talk about all the moving I went through as a child, but I had counted it up once that I’d lived in 21 different places by the time I was 17. I vowed I wouldn’t do that to my kids, because it really sucked, so this next move is *it* until all kids are through high school. I wouldn’t mind retiring somewhere else, as I don’t really care for Southern California all that much. I’d love to live somewhere with greenery, and mountains, and a heck of a lot fewer people. For now, though, we’re in the Poway Unified School District and Luke has a lot of friends, and things are comfortable. The new house will be SO nice…can’t wait to have this move over so we can get settled and enjoy staying in one place!


3 Responses to “Weekend, what weekend?”

  1. Karen Says:

    I agree, Jill. Moving really stinks, and I haven’t even done a lot of it in my life. Just think of how wonderful it’s going to be living in that amazing new house, though! That’s worth all the packing and other hassle going on right now for sure. I heard that the Indiana Jones movie was pretty bad. I won’t even bother watching it. South Park actually did a whole episode on how bad it was. lol…

  2. JenJen Says:

    I can so relate right now to your post! Good luck with the listing and I hope you have a quick sale! 🙂

  3. Benon Says:

    More posts of this qulyita. Not the usual c***, please

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