Thanks for all the congratulations comments! We’re pretty excited here about the house stuff. Escrow papers are in the mail so we should get them today or tomorrow. The original escrow company the seller planned to use (when we put the offer in almost 10 weeks ago now) has folded so they have chosen a different one. I’m very happy with their replacement company, because I know they are excellent from past experience.

We’ll be meeting with our realtor Sunday evening to discuss what we need to do to get our current place listed. I plan to spend my weekend cleaning up the house and getting miscellaneous stuff packed. We are supposed to close escrow on the new place the first week of December. The seller’s bank wants to close by the 28th, but they’re obviously drugs. We hadn’t scheduled an inspection yet since escrow still didn’t have the acceptance letter from the seller until *yesterday*. And, you know, the 28th is the day after Thanksgiving.  Had they truly wanted to close by then they should have gotten off their asses and accepted our offer weeks ago.

I have gotten a little time to stitch lately, though admittedly not much. I’m over 90% done with Blackstone Fantasy Garden, so hopefully I’ll have a finished pic to share soon. I spent my “free” time this week working on adopt-a-family stuff…everything is supposed to be collected the first week of December. Yeah, it’s going to be a busy time here!

So, life is good, but pretty swamped lately. I’ll try to free some pictures from my camera this weekend so I can post them…


2 Responses to “Update”

  1. Chiloe Says:

    You’re right, start packing NOW as this is such a pain 😦 I’m doing it and I don’t like it …

  2. Cathy Says:

    I’m so excited for you. A new house is always fun, even though it tons of work.

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