Still Alive…

I’ve been busy lately with life in general. I didn’t realize it’s been two weeks now since I last wrote. Thankfully we haven’t had any other fire scares in our area since then. We did mark the one year anniversary of the fire that tore through, well, a year ago. It’s still hard to believe sometimes; what a surreal experience that was…

I finished the Tooth Fairy pillow for Luke; I took a picture but it’s still trapped in my camera. I’ll upload it soon. He hasn’t lost any teeth yet, so I finished it in time! I haven’t had a lot of stitching time lately, but I did spend a few hours this past weekend on Blackstone Fantasy Garden again (Ink Circles). I’m about 60-70% finished, so I may push ahead on that one for awhile.

I guess the only real news I have is that we are house hunting. We are looking to stay in the same area of course, but we are currently in a 2 bedroom duplex and are looking for more space. It’s exciting and stressful and I can’t wait for it to be over but at the same time I want to find the right house. This next house is the one we plan to live in for the next 20 years, barring any catastrophe, so we’re being fairly picky. We put in an offer on a house 7 weeks ago but it’s a short sale and we still don’t have a response back from the bank. It may be a good thing, though, because there’s another house we like better, which actually isn’t a short sale. So, anything could happen at this point…when something *does* happen I’ll be sure to share pictures!


5 Responses to “Still Alive…”

  1. Susan Says:

    Jill, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you on this new house. I hear you on wanting to have a house where you’ll be for the next 20 years – that’s part of the reason that I haven’t rushed to buy a house this year – I’d rather wait and save more money, so that I can buy a house that I will want to live in for the rest of my life.

    I’d love to see pictures of Luke’s tooth fairy pillow! I had visions of stitching one for Ethan, but never got around to doing it…

  2. Jenjen3574 Says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed too. If you like the new house better, then it was meant to be. πŸ™‚

  3. Cathy Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my new blog. I *promise* I will be sticking more closely to my stitching and knitting. πŸ™‚

  4. Desiree Says:

    I read a few entries back this time–sorry you had another fire scare. It’s been intense. I got stuck at the Pendleton fire when they closed the freeway right at the rest area. Luckily, I had my cross-stitch with me!

    Your Halloween piece is very cute.

  5. Judy Crowding Says:

    Happpy New Year! Thanks, Jill, for your prompt reply to my inquiry regarding the Tooth Fairy Pillow. The Silver Needle was my first try & Lindy said she was sold out and it was discontinued. I have checked all my usual sources. I wrote to the “Stitcher’s Hand” aka Becky Boo’s in Texas to see if she still has a copy. I couldn’t find her on the web. If I am unable to obtain a copy and, if she agree’s, would you send me a copy? I will be happy to pay the retail cost to you & Stitcher’s Hand. Thanks much, Judy Crowding, Lake Hartwell, GA

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