Recent Swimming Pics

Thanks everyone for the kind comments about my wedding pictures! I’ll get more up on flickr at some point. Actually I’m trying to get most of my pictures backed up on flickr since I upgraded to a pro account earlier this year. To reply to some of the comments…my brother on the right, Matt, is the one who got married in March. The one on the left, Michael, is indeed single, and 25. I have his blog linked in my blogroll. 🙂

Sometime in September we went over to our friend’s house to go swimming. This is the family with our adorable flower girl. They have a gorgeous house and a huge backyard and just finished a massive undertaking to embellish their swimming pool. They built a huge rock-like structure with a waterslide, waterfall, and, well it’s pretty awesome and makes us think of an animal enclosure at the zoo (but without the fence, or animals, well I take that back, there were kids!). Our friend has a waterproof camera and we got a few of the pictures from him this week, finally. Here they are:

I jumped off the ledge exactly once and I thought it was terrifying. Luke thought it was even better than the slide and probably did the jump 20 times, or more (and he loved the slide, too). The last picture shows the slide, and I’m in a little pool at the top with my flower girl. 🙂 Her brother is three weeks younger than Luke, so the boys had a fabulous time hanging out in the pool. It was a really hot day, so it was just perfect.


2 Responses to “Recent Swimming Pics”

  1. Christine S Says:

    Whoa, now THAT’S a pool!!! How cool!

  2. FaithAnnNB Says:

    Ohmygosh… I *love* that pool! Unfortunately, DH had a pool with his first house and refuses to have another 😦

    Your wedding pictures are lovely!!

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