Wrapping up the Stitching Olympics

So…thanks for all the birthday wishes from my friends! I’m doing okay with 30 so far, no break-downs! I had a very busy 3-day weekend; we did something out of the ordinary each day. I’d have liked to have had more down time, but oh well. Saturday we went to a friend’s house whose kids are Luke’s age. They have a ridiculous pool slide (photos to follow, when I get them). We spent the day there swimming, sliding, and then we stayed for dinner. Sunday after church we went to a co-worker’s annual day-before-labor-day-pig-roast. Then yesterday we had to do some chores and went to Tom’s parent’s house for yet more barbecuing. Luke has soccer practice after school today, and things are definitely looking busy as far out as I can look! But overall life is good.

With the stitching olympics competition wrapping up last night, I also tried to stitch as much as I could between other things. I managed a total of 27 items, which means I got through my entire rotation 1.5 times. Wow!!! I am seriously considering a more formal-ish rotation because it was so nice to stitch on everything a little bit. I pulled out things I haven’t worked on in years! Great fun. Here are the remaining progress pictures since the last time I updated. I’m not going to bother with how long I worked on each one, because I can’t remember and would have to check the progress thread at the wagon. I stitched at least 2.5 hours on everything, and 3-3.5 on most of them.

“Blackstone Fantasy Garden” by Ink Circles:

“Mini Mystery I” by Chatelaine:

“Hearts of America” by Victoria Sampler:

“Heirloom Christmas Sampler” by Victoria Sampler:

“Misty Morning Vineyard” by Chatelaine:

Oh, and on Saturday I made homemade sourdough bread for the first time using the sourdough starter I’ve had going for 20+ days now. Except it wasn’t all that sour. But it tasted good when it was fresh and looked really neat:

So, I’ll definitely start something new (or a few somethings!) this month, as a reward for working through my rotation so diligently. I expect my stitching time will decrease pretty substantially though now that Luke is back in school. Also, starting last night, I’m working on ramping up my exercise so I can finally get these darn 20 pounds off. We plan to add to our family on the not-terribly-distant future…but not immediately. I’d like to get the weight off first! So, hopefully that will be my focus in September (and beyond).


6 Responses to “Wrapping up the Stitching Olympics”

  1. Kari Says:

    Great progress on your stitching! You have been nominated for an award. Check out my blog when you get a free sec. 🙂

  2. Gwenddydd Says:

    the fantasy garden is … wahoo !
    I didn’t know this pattern.

  3. Susan Says:

    That bread looks great!!

    I can’t believe how much you achieved with your stitching this past month! Definitely inspirational, Jill!

  4. Karen Says:

    You’re my Hero! All that stitching and BREAD, too??? Where do you get the energy? I guess being newly married to a great guy helps, 😉 Everything, including the bread, looks wonderful! I especially like “Christmas Heirloom.” I’ve got that one in my stash but haven’t started it yet. Looks like you’re stitching it in pinks and teals, which is the way I plan to stitch it as well. Can’t wait to see more of everything!

  5. Melissa C. Says:

    You totally kicked serious ass on the Olympics. I bow to your awesomeness.

    Plus. You baked. From scratch. LOL

  6. CJ Says:

    Such nice progress on everything you definitely deserve a reward. Good luck with the weight reduction you are wise to get that off before hand. HAppy Stitching, CJ(ok;-)

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