30, A Day Later

Well, my 30th birthday wasn’t too bad. Maybe the fact that I am *30* will hit me later. Right now I’m doing okay. We went to Tom’s parent’s house where his mom made one of my favorite meals and we had ice cream cake. At the request of my brother Michael, I took a picture of the balloon:

I did leave work a little early so I could spend some time by myself and stitch. I worked on Teresa Wentzler’s “Guardian” and got 2 hours 45 minutes in on that total (which includes the hour the night before):

I decided that wouldn’t be a good piece to bring over to their house, so I pulled out the next piece in my rotation which is SamSarah’s “25 Days”. I learned in July on vacation that I can stitch on this pretty much anywhere. I got 3 hours in on this last night; that is the joy of going to someone’s house and having them cook dinner on your birthday instead of going out. Also, Luke got to show off his mad bowling skills on Tom’s mom’s new Wii. He scored 200, 204, and 212, now the highest three scores ever on her system. It was pretty hilarious. He won the first 4 games (not surprising!) but lost the game right before we left, with a paltry 138. It’s so much fun to watch him. Which, I guess, is why I didn’t get quite as much done on “25 Days” as I would have hoped. Oh well, here is the progress on that:

So it was a great birthday. Thanks for all of the happy birthday wishes!! I know that I am truly blessed with both my friends and family. I appreciate all of you. 🙂


3 Responses to “30, A Day Later”

  1. Sophia Says:

    Crap, I feel so bad about forgetting your birthday! Matt told me last night at 10:30 and said he talked to you already. So Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Melissa C. Says:

    Happy belated birthday, you young whippersnapper, you! LOL

  3. Susan Says:

    I’m glad that you had a nice birthday!

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