19 and 20

Well, I made it back to the top of my rotation and have put in another 3 hours each on Chatelaine’s “Hawaiian Garden” and “Taj Mahal Garden.” I am changing the order this time through so that I can bring SamSarah’s “25 Days” to soccer practice today instead of Teresa Wentzler’s “Guardian”.

It doesn’t look like a lot of progress on either of these projects; there were several small bits of color used on “Hawaiian” so that meant a lot of changing floss (and in this case metallics). And then “Taj” had more dreaded Algerian Eyelets. I love they effect they add but I don’t really like doing them all that much. Well anyway here are the pictures:

So I’m trying to decide what new start I will do in September as a reward for getting all the way through my rotation (and then some!). I have SO many projects kitted it’s a little ridiculous. I have a list here

Thoughts? Suggestions? Look over the list and leave me a comment of which one I should start…no guarantees of course but maybe I just need a little nudge since I don’t know what project I most want to start.


3 Responses to “19 and 20”

  1. stacybinnj Says:

    Hi Jill! I love your progress pictures. We have some of the same projects underway (but you have a lot more done). I’m looking forward to seeing more progress pictures! Maybe you can get me motivated to pick up those Chatelaine UFO’s I have… Stacy

  2. Karen Says:

    Jill, they both look beautiful!!! Truly.

  3. Joanne Says:

    Well done on getting through your rotation, as for new starts, what about something small!!

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