15-18, done!

Well, since Luke was at his dad’s again this past weekend (who seems to think that regularly allowing a 7 year old to stay up past midnight is appropriate behavior…don’t get me started!!) I managed to get quite a lot of stitching done again. I finished rotations on the last four projects…AND I got three hours done on the first project again (haven’t uploaded the pic yet) and got an hour in on #2. So, that makes 19 completed. I didn’t really think I would get through them all, and to have done so and still have a week left, well, I’m just going to keep stitching and see how much I can get through!

Here are my progress pics:

15: 3 hours on Chatelaine’s original quilt mystery (Waterlily Pond):

16: 3 hours on Teresa Wentzler’s “Footprints” (not crazy about that over 1 lettering, the thread slips all over the place!):

17: 2.5 hours on Melissa Shirley’s “Green Tree White Candy”. Yes, I know I’m not a very fast stitcher (wasn’t even distracted by the olympics during this one). I need to buy a laying tool because it takes forever to get those stitches to be flat:

18: 3 hours on Chatelaine’s “Japanese Garden”:

So, it’s Monday, and work wouldn’t even be so bad except there’s an issue with the security thing on the outside doors and there is a constant beeping right outside my office. It is driving me absolutely nuts. I would close the door to my office except then my office gets really hot (there are thermostat issues in my zone). And I started the morning off with a horrendous allergy attack which has not completely abated. Yay, another fun week…


One Response to “15-18, done!”

  1. Melissa C. Says:

    Everything is so beautiful! Wonderful work. 🙂

    I hope school is going well so far. We start a week from today. I had to giggle about the first day of school choices. Emma (9) has her outfit already picked out. The problem is that we only have the capris – she still “needs” a pink shirt and black flats to go with it. Girls!

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