More Pictures Soon

…but not today. I tried to upload pictures to flickr this morning but had issues with the laptop at home. I can’t upload them at work, either, because my old crummy computer will not recognize newer USB devices and my card-reader won’t recognize the larger-than-1GB SD card that I have in the camera. Oh well. I had planned to post pictures from Luke’s first day of school yesterday, the trip to the Redwoods, and rotation relay entry #13 (Chatelaine’s “Mermaid Treasure Box”). Hopefully I can manage to get online tonight at home without the network crashing. I’m not sure if it’s the wireless modem, the router, or the old laptop, but we are thinking one (or more) of them don’t do well in the relative heat of the afternoon. Maybe that should be an argument to get central AC.

When I went to write this post I noticed something about comments that had been treated as spam so I checked it out. Sorry Melissa and Cheryl; in the last week and a half a couple of your comments ended up there (along with some actual spam comments). I didn’t realize I even had a spam filter. I’ll be sure to check it more often now that I know about it! Melissa my stitching progress will slow dramatically for the remainder of the month, so I expect you’ll have a chance to catch me…


One Response to “More Pictures Soon”

  1. Susan Says:

    I have the same problem with Melissa’s and Cheryl’s comments being caught by my spam filter. I think it’s because WordPress doesn’t like Yuku!

    Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

    I don’t know how anyone can live without central air!

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