In Progress…Olympic 2008 stitching challenges

So, on my favorite bulletin board, The Wagon, a very creative member started up an Olympic 2008 contest/challenge. I decided to join in and participate on the “rotation relay”, although Tom said that’s the least efficient category and I should do the “long jump” instead. Oh well. I thought it would be fun to see all 18 of my wips…some of them have been neglected for a LONG time!

The idea is that you spend at least 2 hours on each project in your rotation, and you can go back through it as many times as possible, from August 1st to August 31st. After getting all the way through the rotation you can add a new start if you want and count it as well. Before and After pictures are required, and “in between” pictures are absolutely encouraged. Here are my “before” pictures (this will be a photo intensive post again!):

1. First up is Genny Morrow’s “Nova” which I have worked on in, oh, 5+ years?

2. Next is Teresa Wentzler’s “Footprints” which I lost interest in because it’s on 28 count (I prefer 32 but started it a long time ago, probably 6 years):

3. Teresa Wentzler’s “Guardian”, which will be my next up in the rotation (I’ve done 2.5 hours on Hawaiian and 3.5 on Taj, but I’ll get to that):

4. Chatelaine’s “Misty Morning Vineyard”…do note that I started this when it was still a mystery, 5 years ago now, I think?

5. Chatelaine’s “Taj Mahal Garden”, started in 2004 sometime. This was the second one up in the rotation, but this is just the “before” shot. I haven’t taken the “after” yet:

6. Chatelaine’s “Waterlily Pond Quilt”, except I still think of it as “Quilt Mystery 1” since I started it as a mystery are well (so, 4 years ago?). This is part 1D:

7. Chatelaine’s “Mini Mystery I”, not sure if it ever got a formal name:

8. Mystic Stitch’s “Augusta”, started about 4 years ago (do you detect a theme yet?):

9. Victoria Sampler’s “Heirloom Christmas Sampler” which is a (rather belated…) gift for my mom. It’s the second time I’ve stitched it so it’s a little harder to get through this time:

10. Chatelaine’s “Japanese Garden” which is a gift for my brother and his wife. Shockingly I only started it this year:

11. Ink Circles’ “Blackstone Fantasy Garden”, my New Year’s Day start from this year:

12. Chatelaine’s “Hawaiian Garden” which I just started last month. This is my “before” picture, and it was my first rotation piece so it is currently the only one with an “after” picture as well, not that 2.5 hours looks like much, but I’ll post it at the end:

13. Victoria Sampler’s Hearts of America…although it’s 50 different kits, I consider it one “project”. I’ve finished 12 hearts; this one is number 13. I’m not even sure which one it is:

14. Chatelaine’s “Mermaid Treasure Box”, which I started when it was a brand new online class. I love it but got bogged down by algerian eyelets in the first corner:

15. Drawn Thread’s “Spring Arbour”, started on New Year’s Eve. The fabric is pink but it doesn’t look like it in the picture:

16. Melissa Shirley’s “Green Tree White Candy”. Maybe it’s ridiculous for it to be a wip, but it was started so I decided it counts:

17. Janlynn’s “Nativity” and the only project left on aida (I intend for it to be the last project I ever stitch on aida). I started it 2 or 3 years ago as a gift for an elderly couple at my church who collects nativity scenes. They have several from all over the world, but none in cross stitch (and these will be actual 3-D figures when finished). This has languished because I hate stitching on aida. I need to work on it though so they will still be alive to enjoy it (hope that isn’t too morbid!):

18. SamSarah’s “25 Days”. This is the progress from the trip in July. It’s an excellent travel project:

So, those are all of my “before” pictures. I have one “after” picture, “Hawaiian Garden” after 2.5 hours. I told you it doesn’t look like much:

It’s a little frustrating that all of my fabric looks grey! I have a good camera but maybe I need to work with better light. Hawaiian Garden is on ice blue belfast, Taj is on Ray of Light belfast, and Spring Arbour is on a rose colored fabric. Oh well. So, those are all of my current projects. The thing that’s frustrating is I want to work on ALL of them (well, except the Nativity), but just don’t have the time. Hopefully I’ll get through my whole rotation at least once during this challenge so that I can work on each project for a little bit anyway.


5 Responses to “In Progress…Olympic 2008 stitching challenges”

  1. Chiloe Says:

    Waow! i’ll follow your challenge !!! I like the idea but don’t think I could do that: it will be too hard for me to go back on aida, to work on project that have became borig to me (like when you just have a border left to stitch … )

    Happy stitching 😀

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Amazing work, all of it! I feel like such an underachiever now!! LOL

    Have you purchased all 50 Hearts of America? If not, maybe we can work out a trade for some of the charts I have. I’ve been doing them little by little and have some, but not all, of the charts.

  3. Melissa Says:

    I cracked up when you said “I don’t even know which one this is” in reference to your heart. LMAO. Isn’t that just the way of life sometimes?

    Try taking your WIP pictures outside in natural light. Your fabric color will come out better that way.

    I can’t believe you’re getting married in just a few days!

  4. Miss 376 Says:

    Good luck with the stitching challenge, love to see the progress. I feel quite good now, don’t think I have that many WIPS, though I gave enough waiting to start to fill a shop. Happy stitching

  5. Holly Says:

    WOW.. thanks for all of the gorgeous pictures. I just love the Nova pattern. Is that XS or is it on canvas?

    I’ll be thinking of you Friday… I’m sure it will everything that you dreamed it would be! Congratulations!

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