St. Louis

Thanks for all the comments! Desiree I’m actually getting the candy canvases from The Needlepointer in Washington; I’ve never seen them at Stitcher’s Treasures. They’re a lot of fun; I’m way behind so I’m trying to get caught up. I think I only have 4 left to receive in the mail (I get 2 per month).

We spent last weekend in St. Louis, MO for my cousin’s wedding. I was a little concerned about flooding but it was a total non-issue for our trip. Well, we couldn’t go down to the riverfront road east of the Arch because it was flooded, but the Arch was still open for operation and everything was fine in the city.

It was a pretty good trip, but it was a total whirlwind! Their reception was held at this fabulous spot called Windows Off Washington and I had a great time. I had a bit too much to drink…but all in all it was a great time. My grandmother, who is 91, flew from northern California to attend the wedding and she is totally awesome. If I live to be 91 I want to be exactly like her!

Here are a few photos from the trip. I didn’t even get out my camera during any of the wedding festivities, but we did get to do a small bit of site seeing too. We went up in the Arch. I freaked out just before we got in the little tram (wow, it is really little!) but it was an amazing view and totally worth it.

Views from the top of the Arch:

Our hotel (on the right):

So, that was my weekend! I’m now totally exhausted and ready for another one (weekend, that is; not another whirlwind trip, although I’m very glad we went).


3 Responses to “St. Louis”

  1. indystitch Says:

    Looks like you had a good time! You and Tom look so cute together.

  2. Susan Says:

    I’m glad you had a great trip! The pictures are great!

  3. Melissa Says:

    OMG I know what you mean about that little pod you have to ride to the top of the Arch. I am claustrophobic, and we rode up with 2 other adults and a teenager (strangers) and I just couldn’t get enough air. I was scared to death. But the experience was definitely worth it. I think. LOL

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