Time and Tile…

Have I ever mentioned that I cannot stand daylight savings time? Well, I can’t. I mean sure, it’s nice to be able to sit through a little league game and not freeze or have it get dark, but I have SUCH a hard time getting up when it’s dark out. It won’t be so bad in a few weeks as the days get longer, but with the time being so much earlier this year it is really tough. Luke is hating it too; he’s been SO hard to get up these past two days!

Despite still being sick (I think I might finally be on the mend…but I probably shouldn’t say so too loudly or I’ll end it with something else) I spent the better part of Sunday afternoon laying tile. Tom spent all day Saturday (12 hours) laying tile. Luke got invited to a friend’s house Sunday afternoon so I got a solid four hours in, during which time we got 87 tiles down. It’s miserable, grueling work. My legs hurt SO bad; I guess it’s essentially like doing four hours of lunges. My hands are still dry and stiff, two days later. But all we have left are 12 tiles in the dining room and the spot where the stove will go in the kitchen. We ran out of mortar and didn’t want to mix more for the 12 tiles since we’d have to do the stove section another day anyway, as it was unreachable by that time. Here are some pictures.

The kitchen:

the dining room:


and the entry way, grouted:


I will go on record as saying those giant mirrors in the entry way are the one thing I wish we’d done that didn’t get done. By the time we realized we’d have to replace the drywall completely, we’d already had the rest of the drywall repair done. I still hope they’ll be removed at some point but we’re stuck with them for now…ugh.

I also took some pictures of the master bathroom; we ripped out the counter and cabinet and put in a new one with two sinks. We still have to pick out mirrors but we’ll get to that eventually:



The master bath has a separate, tiny room for the toilet and shower. The tiny room used to be carpeted (gross!) but then so was the dining room and the other bathroom. It will be so much better with tile in there. We replaced the shower door as well; the old one was pretty gross.

I know I’m a little photo intensive today but I’d like to include one more…for Holly, in response to the comment about the stuffed animals near the counter:


It was pajama party day at ESS (before/after school program; the school was closed that week for President’s days and in-service) so naturally Luke brought two of his favorite stuffed animals with him. I loved the way the other picture turned out with just their heads in the corner!

Well that’s it for today. The house should be done soon; thank goodness!


One Response to “Time and Tile…”

  1. Christine S Says:

    Wow, your tiling job looks great!! I like the colour of tile you chose. Want to fly up here and help me with our tile? LOL!

    There’s carpet in the ensuite bathroom in our new house, too…I can’t wait to rip it out! GROSS!

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