Jury Duty…

I’m 2 for 2 now of going to the Vista courthouse and getting to leave before lunch. I had jury duty yesterday, which I had been dreading. It took me 45 minutes to get there…how do people sit in traffic like that every day? I know I used to have a commute, but I moved because I hated it. Compared to the now 5 minutes that it takes me to usually get to work, it was horrendous.

I got there on time and made it through security. There was a note in the summons about items that weren’t allowed, including needles. I had left my stitching in the car but asked the security guy if I could bring it in, explaining that the needle was a blunt embroidery needle about an inch long (28 petites…). He said small needles were okay. I went and got my stitching during the break so I managed to make progress on the ring bearer pillow for my brother’s wedding.

I got really lucky and didn’t get called for the first two jury pools. The third (and final) case for the day got a continuance so I was out of there at 11:20am. I ran some errands, went home, and finished the ring bearer pillow, which was designed by Bizzi Creations (and modified by me):


I still need to add a ribbon to the center and then my mom will finish it into a pillow.

Since I stitched for several hours during the day I decided to finally start reading “Children of Hurin” last night. I’ve read the entire “Silmarillion” twice; wow this is a much easier read. I think my stitching may suffer a bit while I re-read “The Hobbit “and “LOTR” after this. I blame my recent renewed interest in reading on Stephanie (aka Elizabeth C. Bunce) whose “A Curse Dark As Gold” was so good that I finished it in two days. The only reason it took two days instead of one was because I work full time and if I stay up past 10:45 or so I’m useless the next morning. I go through phases where I don’t read at all because I HATE putting a book down before it’s finished. Thankfully I read pretty fast. When I first read “Harry Potter” I got through the first six books in 13 days…without missing any work, chores, or other commitments.

Today is another one of those crazy kid days…I help in Luke’s classroom from 1:30-2:20. I have to be back to pick him up around 3:40 to get him to baseball practice at 4pm. Baseball goes until 5:30, which is when Cub Scouts starts…so I guess we’ll leave baseball a few minutes early and he can change in the car. I’m looking forward to 6:30 tonight when that’s all done!


3 Responses to “Jury Duty…”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Beautiful finish!

    I had to laugh at your “he’ll change in the car” kind of day. We have those ALL THE TIME around here.

  2. michelle Says:

    that sampler is gorgeous i have to do one this year for october for my uncle and his soon to be spanish wife so i am totally stuck on ideas that will suit both, i am sure i will find something soon (i need too) 🙂

  3. Sue Says:

    Your work is so beautiful, and I’m glad you survived the jury duty experience!

    How wonderful that you work in Luke’s classroom. Sigh. I don’t have one parent volunteer, and I haven’t for years. Actually I do have two ladies who help once in awhile but they don’t have kids in my class. So I shouldn’t complain…but on the other hand, involved parents would be wonderful.

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