Fun in the ER…

Well not really. I wasn’t feeling great Tuesday night so I went to bed a little early. I had a headache and just generally felt “off”. I woke up at 1am with shooting pain in my left year and knew immediately that it was an ear infection. As a kid I got them all the time…I know the drill. I took some Tylenol hoping I could get back to sleep. Ha! By 2am it hurt so much that I was in tears, so I drove myself to the ER. Tom had offered to drive me but I decided it was better for him to stay home so that we wouldn’t have to wake Luke up.

I got lucky, really; when I got to the ER there was no one in the waiting room. It was about 2:15. It took the doctor less than a minute, I would guess, to agree with my conclusion. Aside from some random bleeding guy coming into my room by mistake on the way back from the bathroom (he was not remotely scary and very apologetic) it was a pretty uneventful outing. I got to the 24 hour pharmacy and was home by 3:15. I’d say that’s a miracle of sorts.

I came to work yesterday morning for an important meeting but by lunchtime my ear was pounding and I went home to sleep the rest of the day. I am definitely feeling better today than I did this time yesterday, but if I had the vacation time available to take, I’d be home asleep right now. Thank goodness Luke has the week off of school so there’s no homework, and baseball practice got rained out yesterday so that was one less thing to have to fit in.

I definitely am looking forward to the weekend, though, and I plan to do as little as possible between now and then. I hope everyone else is having a better week than I am…


3 Responses to “Fun in the ER…”

  1. chiloe Says:

    Only one hour in the ER !!! It’s a record for the Guinness book of records !! lol πŸ™‚ Hope you are feeling better very soon πŸ˜‰

  2. Terri Says:

    Hugs. Ear ache is the worst! Brings me to tears everytime. More hugs. Get better.

  3. Holly Says:

    OUCH! I’ve never had an ear infection, but my brother used to get them all the time when we were kids. I’m glad you were in and out of the ER quickly. Have a relaxing weekend…. don’t do any work on the house! You need some stitching therapy.


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