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Jury Duty…

February 27, 2008

I’m 2 for 2 now of going to the Vista courthouse and getting to leave before lunch. I had jury duty yesterday, which I had been dreading. It took me 45 minutes to get there…how do people sit in traffic like that every day? I know I used to have a commute, but I moved because I hated it. Compared to the now 5 minutes that it takes me to usually get to work, it was horrendous.

I got there on time and made it through security. There was a note in the summons about items that weren’t allowed, including needles. I had left my stitching in the car but asked the security guy if I could bring it in, explaining that the needle was a blunt embroidery needle about an inch long (28 petites…). He said small needles were okay. I went and got my stitching during the break so I managed to make progress on the ring bearer pillow for my brother’s wedding.

I got really lucky and didn’t get called for the first two jury pools. The third (and final) case for the day got a continuance so I was out of there at 11:20am. I ran some errands, went home, and finished the ring bearer pillow, which was designed by Bizzi Creations (and modified by me):


I still need to add a ribbon to the center and then my mom will finish it into a pillow.

Since I stitched for several hours during the day I decided to finally start reading “Children of Hurin” last night. I’ve read the entire “Silmarillion” twice; wow this is a much easier read. I think my stitching may suffer a bit while I re-read “The Hobbit “and “LOTR” after this. I blame my recent renewed interest in reading on Stephanie (aka Elizabeth C. Bunce) whose “A Curse Dark As Gold” was so good that I finished it in two days. The only reason it took two days instead of one was because I work full time and if I stay up past 10:45 or so I’m useless the next morning. I go through phases where I don’t read at all because I HATE putting a book down before it’s finished. Thankfully I read pretty fast. When I first read “Harry Potter” I got through the first six books in 13 days…without missing any work, chores, or other commitments.

Today is another one of those crazy kid days…I help in Luke’s classroom from 1:30-2:20. I have to be back to pick him up around 3:40 to get him to baseball practice at 4pm. Baseball goes until 5:30, which is when Cub Scouts starts…so I guess we’ll leave baseball a few minutes early and he can change in the car. I’m looking forward to 6:30 tonight when that’s all done!


Fun in the ER…

February 21, 2008

Well not really. I wasn’t feeling great Tuesday night so I went to bed a little early. I had a headache and just generally felt “off”. I woke up at 1am with shooting pain in my left year and knew immediately that it was an ear infection. As a kid I got them all the time…I know the drill. I took some Tylenol hoping I could get back to sleep. Ha! By 2am it hurt so much that I was in tears, so I drove myself to the ER. Tom had offered to drive me but I decided it was better for him to stay home so that we wouldn’t have to wake Luke up.

I got lucky, really; when I got to the ER there was no one in the waiting room. It was about 2:15. It took the doctor less than a minute, I would guess, to agree with my conclusion. Aside from some random bleeding guy coming into my room by mistake on the way back from the bathroom (he was not remotely scary and very apologetic) it was a pretty uneventful outing. I got to the 24 hour pharmacy and was home by 3:15. I’d say that’s a miracle of sorts.

I came to work yesterday morning for an important meeting but by lunchtime my ear was pounding and I went home to sleep the rest of the day. I am definitely feeling better today than I did this time yesterday, but if I had the vacation time available to take, I’d be home asleep right now. Thank goodness Luke has the week off of school so there’s no homework, and baseball practice got rained out yesterday so that was one less thing to have to fit in.

I definitely am looking forward to the weekend, though, and I plan to do as little as possible between now and then. I hope everyone else is having a better week than I am…


February 15, 2008

So, this was my view yesterday around 5pm on my way to pick up Luke from ESS:


This is Palomar Mountain, to the northeast of us about 45 minutes-1 hour. I don’t think I’ve ever seen snow quite like that on those mountains. There were lots of local roads closed and some mudslides nearby where the fire came through in October. Thankfully my immediate neighborhood didn’t have any issues. It sure was the unexpected freak storm yesterday though! I’m hoping the baseball fields are closed today because of the rain; it’s not raining today but we got a LOT yesterday and they’re pretty protective about the fields. I could use the break from practice tonight; I’m exhausted, have a cold, and was hit by an ocular migraine yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t horribly severe but they leave me horrendously tired for a day or two afterwards. Bring on the weekend!

First 2008 Finish

February 13, 2008

So far in 2008 I’ve spent most of my free time either shuttling Luke to various activities, participating in church-related activities myself, or working on the house. Right now we’re working on priming door casings…hopefully we’ll move onto doors and baseboards this weekend. We get our kitchen counterop installed (fingers crossed) on the 22nd. After that it’s tile floors and carpet, and then we may, just may, get to finally move in. This weekend my mom and brother are coming down so hopefully we can get a lot done! You know, between the 3.5 hours of little league practice (how I wish I was kidding…4-5:30 on Friday, 2:30-4:30 on Saturday), the basketball game from 9-10 on Saturday, and the birthday party Luke’s going to Saturday evening from 5-7.

As I was saying, that’s accounted for most of my free time so far this year. However, I have managed to squeeze in some stitching here and there. Most of it has been at basketball practice or late in the evening after Luke is in bed. Although some of my evenings have been busy doing chores or working on other things for my brother’s wedding in March (or for my own wedding, of course!). I did manage to finish another one of the Melissa Shirley candies in January, this one is the Coconut Candy:


I have spent most of my stitching time on Blackstone Fantasy Garden by Ink Circles, though. I’ve made quite a bit of progress, considering how little time I have to stitch these days. I just took this photo last night:


It’s actually a pretty easy project to take places; I’ve been working on it at basketball practice. I really love it and I think I’m going to frame it and put it in my office at work when it’s done, so I can look at it all day!

So that’s where I stand…super busy but at least I’m busy with good things this year. I could use a break though! We used to get next Monday off as a holiday but now it’s a floating holiday. I think Tom’s going to take the day off to work on the house. I’m going to bring Luke with me to work so that I can take the floating holiday the week of my brother’s wedding. I don’t have very much vacation time saved up and I’m going to need it later in the year. When we are finally able to take a vacation again I am going to enjoy every second of it!

Still Here…

February 7, 2008

Things have been pretty busy lately so I’ve been letting my blog suffer. Hopefully my life will settle down later this year and I’ll have something resembling “free time” again. I’ve been SO bad lately with the Nashville pre-releases…here are the things that tempted me beyond my breaking point…Cat’s Whisker’s has been especially evil this year, between the Garden Chair, the Queen’s Treasure Chest, the new Winter Wonderland biscornu, and the Bianca Scissor Pocket. Then there’s Dinky Dyes, with the Butterfly Garden, Lasseter’s Reef, and The Min Min. I’ve never bought anything by With My Needle, but OMG I had to have the Quaker Turtles and the Alphabet Samplings Book. The worst of it though? The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. I wasn’t crazy about the Houses in the first place, kinda liked the Villages, but I’m sunk on this one. I ordered Shores and Villages, and fabric for both. (All of these can be seen online at Stitching Bits and Bobs; not affiliated except as a repeat customer who likes their good online pictures!) It’s been awhile since I’ve bought much and hopefully the urge has passed for awhile now…

I’m not sure when I’m supposed to have time to stitch any of those, between my brother’s wedding in March, mine in August, and everything else that’s going on.

We’ve been watching Lord of the Rings lately and Luke has declared it his favorite movie ever (yeah, he’s definitely my kid!). I’ve been stitching while we watch and am over 1/4 done with Blackstone Fantasy Garden. I’ll try to snap a picture soon to share since I’ve been hoping to post more photos this year.

I’ve also decided to give something up for Lent this year…complaining and negativity. I have a really bad habit of excessively focusing on the negatives in my life so I’m going to work on that! There are SO many positive things in my life right now, I just have to dwell on those instead. Wish me luck!