New Year’s Day Start

I don’t always start a new project on New Year’s Day but there was a lot of talk about it on the bulletin boards this year so I decided to join in. I certainly had a lot of fully-kitted options to choose from. This is Blackstone Fantasy Garden by Ink Circles, started on New Year’s Day:


I actually started two projects, the other was Spring Arbour by Drawn Thread. There isn’t much done though (I started it on New Year’s Eve) so I haven’t taken a picture of it.

On a completely different note I fell down the stairs at work yesterday, badly. My knees are killing me. Luke’s birthday party is on Saturday and I have a lot to do and I SO just want to go home and crash…


4 Responses to “New Year’s Day Start”

  1. Holly Says:

    OUch! I am a total klutz and this type of things happens to me at least once a year (my knees are usually skinned up with gravel embedded in them), so I know how much that can hurt! That’ll show the ppl who moved your office at work…. now they have to write an accident report!

    I hope you feel better soon! You’ll have to stitch your way back to recovery.

  2. Maree Says:

    Oooh, ouch! I’m clumsy like that and knees *hurt!* Love the progress on your New Year start. I started a new project on New Year’s Day too, but haven’t made half that amount of progress on it!

  3. Rachelle Nicolette Says:

    Neat! I started two projects on New Year’s Day, too. I should stop being lazy and take pictures of the things I’ve been working on so I can post them too.

    I’m sorry that you had a bad spill. Hope you’re doing better now! *hug*

  4. Susan Says:

    Happy birthday to Luke!! I hope the party went well. I’m sorry that you hurt your knee – I hope it’s feeling better.

    Your New Year’s start is lovely!

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