Post-Christmas Round Up

I can’t believe it’s New Year’s Eve already. How did *that* happen?! Christmas was pretty good; it was really weird to not have my dad there but my mom, both brothers, and my brother’s fiancee all came down so it was good. Luke was very excited to get camouflage pajamas this year:

The tree got pretty ridiculous once everyone was here. See that big box on the left? That contained my brand new 600 Series Kitchen Aid Mixer!

Somehow Luke managed to sleep in until 7am on Christmas morning. Maybe being up until 10:30 the night before because of the candlelight service had something to do with that. Here he is next to his stocking (and Nintendo DS, from Santa):

And a few minutes later with the contents of the stocking revealed. I don’t really understand his current fixation with camouflage, but he sure does love it these days:

He got a new bike from his grandparents on his dad’s side; well, they sent me a check and asked me to pick something out for him. He got that and a new game for the Wii, both of which he loved:

And, finally, I finished the last of the needlepoint candies that I have kitted up so I have to wait until mid-January to do any more. This is the Mint Petitfour:

I may be able to finish up one last project tonight; I have a small Shepherd’s Bush band sampler that is SO close to being finished.

As I look back on 2007 there were some good things that happened, to be sure, but between losing my dad, adjusting to post-divorce life, and watching my neighborhood burn down, well, it could have been better. I think I can look back on the year and recognize that I am happier now than I was at the beginning of the year. I need to get back on track with my diet and exercise, but I’ll get there. Here’s wishing all of my friends a very Happy New Year!


5 Responses to “Post-Christmas Round Up”

  1. Susan Says:

    Happy New Year to you and Luke, Jill. I hope 2008 is filled with happiness!

  2. Christine S Says:

    It looks like Luke had a fabulous Christmas (as did you with that great mixer!). Best wishes to both you and Luke for a wonderful 2008!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Happy New Year to you all, Jill! I know 2008 will be better than 2007 was!

  4. Karen Says:

    Jill, looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. I hope 2008 is a happier, more peaceful year for you! Can’t wait to see those candies finished!!

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