Another Pre-Christmas Post

I finished my fifth needlepoint candy last night, Black Raspberry Creme:

Monday night we went to a house in Poway (adjacent community) where the couple dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus every hear and have this amazing display of Christmas stuff. They hand out a toy to every child and have cookies, hot chocolate, cider, etc. They even had fake snow. It was amazing! Here are just a couple pictures from that:

They had this whole room filled with a jungle Christmas theme, including a tree decorated with small stuffed animals. Luke had a great time; we went with his friend, Marc, and their family. I can’t believe Christmas is in just a few days! Yikes!


5 Responses to “Another Pre-Christmas Post”

  1. RC Says:

    That looks like a fun house to visit. I love your candy pieces. So adorable!

  2. Susan Says:

    Great pictures! You could come and visit Ethan and me, and you wouldn’t need fake snow!!

  3. Dani Says:

    I love Luke’s grin!!!!

  4. Joanne Says:

    The house looks like great fun. Your candy needlepoints are looking great, so are your dollhouse and new Chatelaine piece. I am so glad that you came through those fires unscathed, how scary for you.

  5. Melissa Says:

    I love your candies. How are you planning to display them?

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