Breakfast With Santa and Boats

So like I mentioned in my post yesterday, the weekend was filled with fun kid-related events. My church had a Breakfast With Santa event on Saturday. Luke got his picture taken with Santa; when did he get so big?!

In addition to a picture with Santa, a good breakfast, and socializing for the kids, there were about 20-25 decorated artificial trees there for a fundraiser. You could buy tickets and put them in the box for whichever tree, or trees, you liked and the money that was raised went to the preschool at the church. I wasn’t planning to buy any tickets but Luke really wanted some so I put in $5. He put each of his tickets into a different box so I was hoping that would lessen his chances. As it turned out he won the “snowman tree”:

It came with a couple of stuffed snowmen and a lamp with a painted snowman on it. I thought the lamp was cool. I’m not really sure what to do with a second tree, but it’s in the living room for now. I think he will take it to his dad’s house since he wasn’t planning to do a tree this year.

Sunday afternoon was the Raingutter Regatta for Luke’s Cub Scout pack. This is what Luke’s boat looked like:

Check out the action shot:

Luke’s winning streak from the day before continued and he placed second out of the ten Tiger Cubs in his pack. It was really cool; he even got a trophy:

We bought a “real” Christmas tree as well over the weekend and decorated it last night but pictures of that will follow…


6 Responses to “Breakfast With Santa and Boats”

  1. chiloe Says:

    Congratulation Luke !!! I think you should make him choose a lotery ticket for you: that will be too bad to break his good luck time.

  2. FaithAnnNB Says:

    Love the photos… has Luke ever grown!! It sounds like he had a fantastic weekend!!

    The cards you made look fantastic too… I’m addicted to card making 🙂

  3. Susan Says:

    Wow, Luke is growing up so fast. I know that people tell me that about Ethan, but I don’t notice it as much as everyone else does.

  4. Susan in Socal Says:

    He is getting so much bigger! Love all the pics.

  5. Dani Says:

    Holy cow has Luke really grown since I met him! And he’s still super cute!

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