Rain? Please?

I don’t think I have ever been quite so happy to see rain as I was this morning. That means there’s a good chance that soccer practice will be canceled (does that make me a bad mom? I don’t really care today…) and we might be able to eat before the new recruit Cub Scout meeting tonight. If practice is still on there’s only 15 minutes between them (5:45-6) and it will take nearly that long to get from one to the other. If there’s no soccer we can eat an actual meal before scouts. Now my only concern is whether the property manager at work *really* fixed the leak above my office or if they just placed the ceiling tile like the last two times. Better make sure I don’t have anything important out!

I’ve been busy stitching on Mirabilia’s Halloween Fairy (probably 70% done now) and Brightneedle’s Dollhouse. I love the dollhouse and can’t put it down. I’ll take pictures tomorrow or over the weekend. After scouts tonight I have choir practice at church so I have NO downtime until about 9:15 tonight. I can’t wait for tomorrow!!


4 Responses to “Rain? Please?”

  1. chiloe Says:

    Have you tried the indian rain dance to make sure it will actually really rain? lol You are not a bad mom, you just need a break. I’m happy my kids have no activities in the late afternoon !!! Hourrah for the french system that gives kids a school break on wednesdays !!!

  2. JenJen Says:

    ugh! I hate days like that where it is rush, rush to each activity! We had a night like that last night and I had a stress headache by the time we were in for the night. I’m crossing my fingers for no practice for you! 🙂

  3. chiloe Says:

    So what happened?

  4. Susan Says:

    Sorry you’re spread so thin! I hope Luke enjoys Cub Scouts. Ethan just joined, and he has his first camping trip this coming weekend. He’s looking forward to it!

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