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Eight Months Ago

September 25, 2007

Maybe wordpress will work for me today. I don’t know what was up with it last week but oh well. We did manage to survive last Thursday even though it didn’t rain enough to cancel soccer. Tom made dinner while we were at soccer and had it ready on the table when we got home at 6pm. We ate in about 6 minutes, rinsed the dishes, and were at Cub Scouts at 6:12. Whew! From there he took Luke home and put him to bed while I went to choir practice at 7:45. Luke is now a Tiger Cub and his first den meeting is tonight at 6pm. I have bell choir tonight at 7pm…so another busy evening but at least there’s time to make dinner before scouts this time!

On a totally different note it does not escape my notice that it’s the 25th and it’s been eight months today since my dad died. It’s not really any better now than it was eight months ago. Honestly in some ways it’s worse. Initially there’s quite a bit of shock and it leaves you numb for awhile. But eventually it wears off and you have to learn to live with the change I guess. It is still so hard to think that he’ll never see Luke play soccer again or be there for Christmas or for Luke’s next birthday. The thing that’s so maddening is that his death was so completely preventable if he’d chosen to take care of himself. So I guess it’s time for my semi-annual public service announcement: if you smoke, please, PLEASE for the sake of your family that loves you, stop.


At Least It’s Friday…

September 21, 2007

WordPress won’t save anything I write today. I’ve tried several times. Screw it. It’s Friday and this is my stitching progress on two things as of this morning. I’ll write more later if it will work then.

Rain? Please?

September 20, 2007

I don’t think I have ever been quite so happy to see rain as I was this morning. That means there’s a good chance that soccer practice will be canceled (does that make me a bad mom? I don’t really care today…) and we might be able to eat before the new recruit Cub Scout meeting tonight. If practice is still on there’s only 15 minutes between them (5:45-6) and it will take nearly that long to get from one to the other. If there’s no soccer we can eat an actual meal before scouts. Now my only concern is whether the property manager at work *really* fixed the leak above my office or if they just placed the ceiling tile like the last two times. Better make sure I don’t have anything important out!

I’ve been busy stitching on Mirabilia’s Halloween Fairy (probably 70% done now) and Brightneedle’s Dollhouse. I love the dollhouse and can’t put it down. I’ll take pictures tomorrow or over the weekend. After scouts tonight I have choir practice at church so I have NO downtime until about 9:15 tonight. I can’t wait for tomorrow!!

Big Finish! (and a small one too)

September 4, 2007

Finally, after over two years, I have finished Chatelaine’s “Alpine Garden Seasons”. This is a gift for my aunt Susan. Here is a small picture:

and a link to a bigger one.

I also finished a small Christmas ornament on the same day:

It’s always weird to be done with a big project like that. I’ve been focusing on it for the last few months and it’s strange to be working on something else! I’m planning to stitch some smaller things for awhile so there will be a few more pictures in the next couple months than there have been in awhile.