Two Down…

Teeth, that is! Here is a picture from this morning with Luke’s two bottom teeth missing:

He was in the pool at Tom’s parent’s house on Monday evening when one of the other kids came running in saying he’d lost the tooth (it had been pretty loose so it was definitely expected). Luke wasn’t sure when he’d lost it and he was in the pool so all of the kids were diving down to find the tooth. Miraculously it was the other six year old who found it on the patio. I finally took a picture this morning. His first permanent tooth has broken the skin so I don’t expect he’ll have the big gap for long.

Things are okay here but I’ve been busy. Tom had a bunch of family in town and just about everyone went home yesterday so it was the first night in about a week that it was just the three of us for dinner.

I’ve somehow managed to stitch a little bit here and there. I’ve made a lot of progress on Alpine Seasons and I plan to stick with it until it’s done. I may have to take a day or two to finish an ornament but that’s all.

Well I’m sure I have more to say (as usual) but I don’t have the time right now to post anything else. Luke starts school in just under three weeks…1st grade…where did the time go?


4 Responses to “Two Down…”

  1. Karen Says:

    Great picture, lol…

    Can’t wait to see pictures of Alpine!

  2. Susan Says:

    Ethan swallowed his first tooth – he was so disappointed. I’m glad you were able to find Luke’s tooth. The tooth fairy delivers the new gold dollar coins in our home šŸ™‚

  3. Sue Says:

    Wow, Luke is getting to be such a big boy. He’s really looking older now.
    Take care, Jill.

  4. FaithAnnNB Says:

    How can Luke be old enough to be losing teeth?! That’s not possible!!

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