Back from Vacation…

Just a quick post; I got back from vacation late last Tuesday night. I’m still getting caught up on life in general. I have an entry in progress with pictures and everything; someday I’ll actually get it posted. Wednesday evening Luke lost his very first tooth. It wasn’t even loose when we dropped him off at my mom’s. How can he be growing up so fast, seriously?

In stitching (or blogging) news I actually won something; Karin’s “blog candy” I’m so excited; I don’t win things very often! I have a scissor fob with one of Karin’s beads that she sent me as a RAK last year and it’s awesome.

I haven’t read the new Harry Potter yet but I’ll have it in my hands tomorrow morning so look for a major drop in stitching progress tomorrow through the next couple days. I’m about 75% done with Alpine Seasons now; the end is actually in sight. I’ll post an updated picture soon; I’ve gotten a lot done since the last one.


One Response to “Back from Vacation…”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Hi Jill!

    Hope you had a great vacation! I’m reading the last Harry Potter book now (waited for it with my roomie on Friday Night, dork I know) and it’s really good so far! Well just wanted to say hi and let me know what you thought of the book when you finish :). Bye!


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