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Stitching Pictures

June 27, 2007

Thanks for the nice comments; the Disneyland day was great! Tom took a good picture of me and Luke, or I should say he intended to but actually my camera was in movie mode. So I won’t be posting it right now but I’ll convert it into a picture soon. In the meantime I have some stitching pictures to share, one finish and two works in progress. The finish is an ornament, Sampler Noel by Fancy Work:

I have progress pictures to share in Victoria Sampler’s Heirloom Christmas Sampler (this is the second time I’ve stitched this but in the other colorway; this one is for my mom):

And Chatelaine’s Alpine Seasons:

There are bigger pictures at my flickr page, , but I’m not sure how to make the images show up as thumbnails at wordpress (and the bigger ones throw my formatting off).

I also have a picture from Luke’s last day of kindergarten:

The picture on my yuku profile is of his first day of kindergarten; here it is for comparison:

How could the school year possibly go by so quickly?!


Fun at Disneyland

June 22, 2007

Luke finished up kindergarten on Wednesday (how is that possible?) and the summer program doesn’t start until Monday so he’s off of school today and was off yesterday. Tom has been wanting to take him to Disneyland for awhile so we finally went yesterday. Let me just start by saying I am totally exhausted today!

All of the Los Angeles schools got out Wednesday as well so it was pretty crowded. We got there about 9am, when the park opened. After buying tickets we rushed to the Submarine ride (which was recently re-opened with a Nemo theme) but the line was already 3 hours. Luke really wanted to ride it but we opted not to wait in such a long line. We went on the Matterhorn first; he was scared at the beginning but went on it without argument and jumped off at the end saying he loved it and wanted to ride it again. I was so thrilled that he enjoyed it since it’s one of my favorites. After that we went on Space Mountain. He said it was “too loud and too scary” afterwards but again he rode it without complaint. I agree that the music was too loud but it’s such a fun ride. From there we went to Star Tours. I was a little concerned since he gets sick in the car but he was okay. He loves Star Wars so of course he enjoyed it.

We got lunch after that since it was about 11am and it’s a lot easier to eat before everyone else does. He wasn’t feeling too great at this point; he’d been feeling sick the day before and we almost didn’t go but took the gamble yesterday morning and it ended up being a great day. He didn’t eat much at lunch and seemed to be having a tough time so we decided to do some rides that didn’t jerk around a bunch. We headed over to Pirates and then the Haunted Mansion and from there took the boat to the Tom Sawyer Island. They’ve added a bunch of stuff from Pirates and it was so much fun! He really perked up on the Island and I’d say that was a turning point. We got a cold snack and got in line for Splash Mountain. Up to this point we’d had terrific luck with the lines we’d gotten in but this one was awful. It said 50 minutes but was more like an hour and a half. He rode in the front and loved it but we probably would not have ridden it if the actual line time had been posted. After that we rode the Winnie the Pooh ride; it had no wait and was right next to Splash Mountain. Luke declared it to be “slow and boring.” It was really brightly colored and would probably be entertaining in an altered state…but yeah it was boring.

Luke was finally hungry and wanted popcorn so we got him some and waited to take the train from the French Quarter to Tomorrowland. When we got to the Toontown stop we saw his friend, Aidan, and her family in line. It was really funny; there were so many people there that we just couldn’t believe we’d seen someone we knew. We tried to meet up with them later but it didn’t work out.

When we got to Tomorrowland we did Autopia. I let Luke steer and I held down the gas pedal. It was certainly interesting! After that we did the new Buzz Lightyear Astroblaster ride. It was so much fun! It was late afternoon by this point and we headed to Big Thunder Mountain to get fastpasses before dinner. The wait was only 30 minutes so we decided to just ride it. We were through the line and off the ride in only 15 minutes so that was a pleasant surprise. From there we headed to Indiana Jones but saw that there was no line at Pirates so we rode that again. The wait at Indiana Jones was 75 minutes, and they weren’t doing fastpasses anymore, so we didn’t do that one. We got dinner (excellently timed because everyone was in line for the parade) and headed back to Tomorrowland. The wait for Nemo was just under an hour and a half at this point and we almost waited in it but Luke wanted to do the Buzz Lightyear ride again so we did that instead. The line was pretty short so we rode the Matterhorn again after that.

All day Luke had been saying he wanted to stay until fireworks, which were at 8:45. It was about 7:30 when we got off the Matterhorn so we headed back to Adventure Land to try and ride the Jungle Cruise but the line was long so I let Luke pick out a souvenir (he got a couple things from Pirates) and then we got dessert and headed back to Main Street to watch the fireworks.

We were on the freeway heading home by 9:20; I think Luke was asleep before we even got out of the parking structure. There were a few things I wish we’d been able to do but we really had tremendous luck with lines (except for Splash Mountain) and it was an excellent day. We slept in a little bit today and he gets to spend the day with me at work, watching movies and coloring on the white board. I can’t wait to go home and crash this evening!

Two More Ornaments

June 4, 2007

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth but I have been very busy. As proof that I’ve been stitching, here are two ornaments I’ve completed recently.

Winter’s Eve by Country Cottage Needleworks:

Christmas Sampler by The Workbasket:

I’ve been stitching a lot on Chatelaine’s Alpine Seasons and I’ll take an updated progress picture soon. Otherwise I’ve just been pretty busy! I can’t believe that Luke will be done with kindergarten in just a couple more weeks. Time flies…