Still Computer-less

So another quick recap post while I wait for my computer to work again. My mom and one of my brothers came down Sunday for the Padres/Dodgers game. It went 17 innings! We didn’t stay for the whole game but we had to watch the rest as soon as we got back to my place. It was the first time I’d been to the new ballpark downtown; it’s fabulous! Oh and I got to cross of another “101 things” item since attending a game at the new ballpark was on the list. Yay!

The only bad part about the day (well, except for being underdressed since it was very hot the day before) was thinking about how much my dad would have loved to be there. That was pretty damn awful; it was the first professional baseball game I’d been to since the family day at Dodger Stadium with Luke, my dad, and the same brother a couple years ago. I teared up a bit at a couple points during the game because I missed my dad so much. There’s no crying in baseball, I know…

On a very positive note my other brother found out yesterday that he got in to UC Berkeley so he’s 4 for 4 and has a big decision to make this month! I think he’d have the best time at Berkeley.

I’ve been stitching some; I haven’t finished anything in awhile, not that I could post a picture if I had. I can’t even upload a picture from work because now the work firewall blocks “personal storage” sites (ie, photo sites like webshots and flickr). Do you know how much it sucks to go for a quick browse on the bb’s during a break and not be able to see 90% of the pictures?! Well it sucks immensely. But I have indeed been stitching and I’ll have pictures to share if my computer ever works again…


One Response to “Still Computer-less”

  1. Rachelle Nicolette Says:

    Yay! First post on your blog!

    I can’t believe your brother got in at Berkeley! OMG! That’s so awesome. Do you think he’ll go there? If he has any questions, please tell him to email or call me. I loved it there!

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