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Computer Woes…Again

April 23, 2007

Just a quick post today to say that my computer at home has crashed…again. Since photo sites are blocked now at work (flickr, webshots,etc) I can’t upload progress pics from there either. I’m taking my computer to Tom’s tonight and he’s going to see what the heck is wrong with it. Hopefully I won’t be offline for two months again; that was such a pain before. I guess I should have a lot of pictures to share by the time it’s back up again though! Luke is totally hooked on the Lego Star Wars game (we have it for the computer, Episodes 1-3) and has just about finished the game…I hope the data can be extracted from the hard drive so he doesn’t have to start over. Tom got the second one, Episodes 4-6, the other day so Luke gets to try it out over there tonight after homework. Posting may be sporadic until my computer is functional again!


Why my cats are never going outside again…

April 18, 2007

Stitching pictures to come soon, I promise! I’ve been working diligently on Brightneedle’s Dollhouse (still my favorite wip) and have finally made some progress on an ornament for a RR. My stitching time is pretty limited these days so progress is slooooooow, but oh well. I’ll get an hour in this afternoon while Luke’s at t-ball practice.

Today’s post is about why my cats are now indoors only. They’re two years old now and I’ll preface this by saying I never wanted them to go outside in the first place but, of course, my opinion didn’t matter. So, they have cat door which I have kept closed at night after they’re in. I’ve been thinking about keeping them in full time for awhile and Saturday was the last straw…a mouse. Over the past year and half that the kitties have had outdoor privileges there have been a variety of items that have been discovered inside, compliments of the cats. The most prevalent has been lizards (they sure are plentiful in this area…). There’s been the occasional bird but it’s been awhile since Felix brought one of those in. One time last year he found a nest with baby birds…that really sucked. Abby brought in a fake rooster at one point; I think that was the funniest one. Other items have included a partially eaten burrito, a dog bone, a grasshopper, paper towels, etc. I draw the line at mice.

Saturday night I had put Luke in bed and was sitting in front of the computer checking up on my e-mail and the stitching boards when Abby trotted through the cat door with a mouse in her mouth. I chased her through the house, hoping to get her back outside, but instead she took the mouse into my bedroom where it ended up under the piano. It turns out I can move the piano myself (it’s on wheels) but it’s not an easy thing to do. I tried for over an hour to get the mouse. It darted out from under the piano after I moved it and I couldn’t find it. I tore apart the room, to no avail. I got both cats inside, closed the cat door for the last time, and didn’t sleep.

Sunday morning arrived and I still couldn’t find the mouse. I went to church and came home to find the cats stalking one particular corner of the room. Tom came over and helped me search for the mouse, but we still couldn’t find it. We got mousetraps (yes, I insisted on humane ones; it wasn’t the mouse’s fault it was in the house, after all) and then left the house to go hiking. After hiking I made dinner and we were sitting around after dinner watching tv when there was a commotion in the hall and Felix came tearing into the living room chasing the mouse. We sprang into action; I got the critter-catching box (an old Star Wars shoe box) and Tom kept an eye on where the mouse was. It ended up crawling behind the couch and up inside it but he managed to capture it in the box and return it to the wild where it belongs. It appeared to be physically unscathed though I’m sure the emotional trauma will remain for the rest of its little mouse life. I’m so glad it wasn’t hurt!

Since the cats have been inside I have found two more lizards; one on Sunday evening and another late last night. I wonder how long they’d been in the house (both were still alive…I guess they evaded their captors). The cats aren’t thrilled about being confined to the indoors but I don’t care. I never wanted them to go out in the first place and I’m tired of dealing with lizards and other creatures that I don’t want in my house! They’ll adapt eventually, right?

So there’s my excitement of late. Hope everyone’s having a great day!

Protected: Perspective

April 11, 2007

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Protected: Time and Whatnot

April 11, 2007

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Protected: New Chapters

April 4, 2007

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