Finishes! And a Zoo Pic

What’s this, two consecutive days of posting? Shocking, I know. I finished Mirabilia’s Easter Fairy last night, though, and actually moved the picture (and a couple others) out of my camera in a timely manner. The first picture is Easter Fairy:


This second picture is of the two ornaments I finished March 3rd. One is for me for an ornament round robin and the other is a gift for a friend. I haven’t finished them yet but the corners will fold over to make a diamond shape.



Finally, here is the picture from the zoo last Sunday. Left to right: Persianstitch (hope I got the name right!), Branch52, Dani (TKDChick), me, Luke (DS), and Cherylann (HasturTorres). It was a good day, though hot, and Luke loved to talk to Dani about all the animals (yeah, I think you’re right in your blog, you’re his new best friend, Dani!). Incidentally Luke got his hair cut the following day, thank goodness. It was out of control!


I guess the only other news I have is that I started a cross stitch inventory in excel. Right now I’m going through all of my stitching stash (it’s a little overwhelming) and cataloging what I have, how much is kitted, and where it is. So far I’ve just numbered boxes. After I go through everything I’ll group according to designer and reorganize the boxes but that’s down the road a bit. I have meant to do this for years; it’s actually on my 101 things list.


3 Responses to “Finishes! And a Zoo Pic”

  1. FaithAnnNB Says:

    Great pictures!!

    Easter Fairy looks fabulous and I love your ornaments too. I put my stash in Excel a few years ago and it’s so nice to have everything listed and organized. Although, mine needs to be updated with a few little things.

  2. Bev Says:

    Easter Fairy looks lovely!!

    I put everything I had Stash wise in Excel years ago. It’s become incredibly difficult to maintain. I’m going to be checking out Stash Can soon I think.

    Nice GTG pics. 8) I should talk to Shirley about setting a date for one at her house. Hmm….

  3. Susan in So Cal Says:

    I’m so glad you all made it to the zoo and had a great time! I wish I could have been there, too.

    I thought of all of you yesterday and am sorry I couldn’t go to the GTG. Please do post an update on that one, too!

    You look great, Jill. Very happy and glowing.

    Take care!

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