Wildlife and Whatnot

I can see a couple positives as far as Daylight Savings goes, like t-ball practice moving to 5pm instead of 4pm so I’m not missing as much work, and being able to hike after work with it still be light out. Mostly, though, I hate it. I hate having to readjust to a different time, even just one hour. It is thoroughly excruciating to wake up while it’s still dark out. I have been dragging all week and Luke has too. I put him to bed at the “new” time but he is nearly impossible to wake up in the morning. I cannot possibly express just how much I am looking forward to Friday.

My mom is coming to town on Friday to visit for ten days. She’ll be spending a couple days in the middle at a conference downtown. I’m looking forward to her visit. She’ll get to watch Luke play t-ball and I’m hoping she’ll make tacos one night. We may try to go to a museum or something while she’s here; ever since Luke saw “Night at the Museum” he’s been dying to go to one (even though he understands that the exhibits won’t be coming to life while we’re there).

I think I am getting old. I feel like it anyway. I took Luke to the dentist yesterday and when I got up from sitting I did something to the joint in my hip. It really hurts! I feel so ridiculous because I was just sitting but gosh I really tweaked it. I hope it goes away soon because I was hoping to hike up Mt. Woodson while my mom is in town (it’s a 10.5 mile hike so Luke is really not up to that just yet).

I suppose life is okay right now, as much as it can be given everything I’ve gone through lately. I’m trying to settle into a new routine. It’s been hard. I’m not going anywhere for awhile and, except for a cross stitch GTG at my place this Saturday, don’t have any definitive plans aside from regular church and t-ball activities in the foreseeable future. I’d really like to start camping again once it warms up.

The big thing lately is that I’ve been trying to get organized. I have additional incentive after Monday. I went hiking in the afternoon and saw a rattlesnake…not thrilled about it but I managed to keep my cool. That night, though, I was picking up Luke’s dirty clothes in the bathroom and found a giant lizard. I know it didn’t get there by itself…Abby brings in lizards and Felix brings in birds. Oscar has been missing for a month; of all the cats to go missing it would be the one that brings in benign objects like twigs (yes, I saw this firsthand so can attest to it). Anyway I boxed up the lizard (it was a feisty one!) and safely transferred it to its proper habitat…outside. Then it occurred to me that there are far too many potential hiding places for critters around the house. I’ve been trying really hard to declutter but the progress has been slow.

I had the good fortune to meet up with some stitchers last Sunday at the San Diego Zoo. Pictures are still in my camera. I’ll be having a get-together at my place on Saturday, like I mentioned already. All stitchers are invited, so if you’ll be in the area let me know. The more the merrier!


2 Responses to “Wildlife and Whatnot”

  1. RC Says:

    I just read that they have a new baby elephant at the zoo since Monday! I’m so envious that you will get to see it because you live in the area! I cannot believe you had a lizard in your house. Of all the things our cats bring in, they have not brought in a lizard yet. Yuck! Good luck with the decluttering. 🙂

  2. Susan Says:

    Can I come to your GTG? 🙂

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