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March 27, 2007

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Seaside Stitches and Hooters

March 22, 2007

When I was on vacation last month I got to stop at Elegant Stitch in Modesto and I picked up Jeannette Douglas’s new chart, Seaside Stitches. I broke down a couple weeks later and ordered the embellishment pack (which arrived promptly) and saw that The Silver Needle had the recommended fabric so I ordered that too. I was very disappointed when they shipped a piece of 32 count star sapphire linen instead. When I called about it they said they couldn’t get the recommended fabric from their supplier (which I can’t figure out because my LNS ordered it for me last Saturday…) and were shipping that out instead. I wish they’d called or e-mailed to let me know because I would have told them not to bother. The lady on the phone was nice enough and said I could send it back for a refund but I probably won’t go to the trouble.

I’m normally pretty easy going about my stitching supplies. I figure I have enough to stitch for three lifetimes and it’s exceedingly rare that I need something right away. I was planning to start this one right away, though, and it’s so disappointing to have to wait. I keep looking at the nice big photo at Stitching Bits and Bobs and I want to start it now! Those little over-one bits are fabulous. Between the Brightneedle Dollhouse and the next ornament in the RR I’m in, I’m very much enjoying over-one stitching at the moment. I don’t want to wait for my fabric to come in; I want it to be here now! Sometimes it can take awhile for orders to come in at my LNS. I really hope this one arrives quickly. Have I ever mentioned that patience is one of those virtues I don’t have? That applies to more than just stitching and is a basic character flaw of mine but I’m working on it.

Since I didn’t get flamed yesterday about my strike/union post, I’ll venture onto another topic that annoys me: Hooters. Oh how I hate Hooters. Much to my dismay there’s one opening next Monday in my neighborhood. It’s appalling! I have a one mile commute and it’s something I actually have to pass on my way to work. A restaurant finally goes in that’s close enough to walk to from work and it’s the least likely place I’d want to go (except maybe Burger King; I hate Burger King too). Anyway, I live and work in a quiet suburban community in north county San Diego. Like I said yesterday there are a number of retirement homes and communities in the area and the biggest danger I encounter are people driving who really shouldn’t be any longer. Why the heck would anyone decide to put a Hooters here?! Oh how I hope it fails miserably.

My dislike for Hooters is another one of those things that stems from a particular event in the past, rational or not (well and I think it objectifies women and I’ve worked hard to prove I have a brain and not just boobs, thanks). Two days before my due date with Luke, over six years ago now, my brother was in town for the holidays and he wanted to go to Hooters. So we went to the one down in Mission Beach. I was huge, uncomfortable, and had to sit at one of those tall bar-like tables. The burger I had was one of the worst ones I’ve ever had, the service was slow, and since I gained more than I should have while pregnant it was really not fun looking at skinny girls with fake boobs while I felt like a giant cow. And now there’s one going in down the street, ugh.

There’s been a fair bit of protest over the Hooters going in here and in the news it’s being said that there will be more of a “family restaurant emphasis” at this one. I wonder what that means. Does that mean there will be crayons and high chairs available? Or will the waitresses have to wear actual clothing instead of strips of skin tight fabric? I understand that there are worse things than Hooters, but it’s even closer to my house than a Starbucks for goodness sake. I can’t get a decent cup of coffee on my way to work without doubling my commute but now I can get wings and boobs on my way home…oh joy.

On the Subject of Grocery Strikes

March 21, 2007

In the past week or two there have been stories in the local news about potential grocery store strikes in the area starting as soon as April 9th depending on the outcome of the impending vote. I have strong opinions on the matter and don’t particularly care if I get flamed for it. However, I’m posting them to my blog instead of a bulletin board. I figure it’s my blog and I can post whatever I want here.

So here goes…I feel that unions played an important role in the development of fair (or fair-er) employment practices, safety, etc. However I feel they have long since outlived their usefulness and I don’t support them, especially when they go on strike. If there is another grocery strike I will shop wherever the heck I feel like shopping. In fact, I’ll probably shop at whatever store is affected by the strike since it will be less crowded and take less time.

At the time of the last grocery strike I became thoroughly disgusted with the whole ordeal. I tried to avoid the grocery stores where the strike was, not because I support unions, but because I generally prefer to avoid conflict when possible. However, my time is valuable to me. I tended to shop around before the strike but other places (Trader Joes, Costco, etc) were extremely crowded. After trying to go to non-strike affected stores and finding three places to be out of milk, I gave up. It’s ludicrous to drive to three different places looking (unsuccessfully) for a gallon of milk. My time, and gas money, just cannot stretch that far.

It wasn’t the effort of looking for milk that most drove me to disgust, however. It was the time when I had to go to Vons because it was the only place that carried a particular food item that my then not-quite-three year old son liked. Okay, Ralphs or Albertsons might have carried it also but after checking all of the non-strike stores I gave up. When I went to Vons it was nice and uncrowded, I got my item, and I left. In the parking lot there was a very frustrated little old lady. The striking workers had placed grocery store carts behind her car. Now, I live in an area with a lot of retirement homes. My biggest danger every day is the elderly that still drive that are past the point where it’s safe to do so. I wish I was exaggerating but I’ve lived here for three and a half years. I am really not exaggerating. I don’t want them having to get on the freeway to drive to a non-strike store. Vons is in the same parking lot as one of the retirement homes and the closest store to at least three of them. Besides, when you’re older it can be hard and confusing to change your routine.

Now, I recognize that not every person on strike was placing grocery store carts behind old lady’s cars. But sometimes one particular event can color your whole outlook on something, whether or not that’s right. For the remainder of the strike I happily shopped at that Vons.

Now I would like to think that the unions and the stores can complete their negotiations successfully without resorting to a strike. No one wins and it’s just a big pain in the ass to everyone.

Finishes! And a Zoo Pic

March 15, 2007

What’s this, two consecutive days of posting? Shocking, I know. I finished Mirabilia’s Easter Fairy last night, though, and actually moved the picture (and a couple others) out of my camera in a timely manner. The first picture is Easter Fairy:


This second picture is of the two ornaments I finished March 3rd. One is for me for an ornament round robin and the other is a gift for a friend. I haven’t finished them yet but the corners will fold over to make a diamond shape.



Finally, here is the picture from the zoo last Sunday. Left to right: Persianstitch (hope I got the name right!), Branch52, Dani (TKDChick), me, Luke (DS), and Cherylann (HasturTorres). It was a good day, though hot, and Luke loved to talk to Dani about all the animals (yeah, I think you’re right in your blog, you’re his new best friend, Dani!). Incidentally Luke got his hair cut the following day, thank goodness. It was out of control!


I guess the only other news I have is that I started a cross stitch inventory in excel. Right now I’m going through all of my stitching stash (it’s a little overwhelming) and cataloging what I have, how much is kitted, and where it is. So far I’ve just numbered boxes. After I go through everything I’ll group according to designer and reorganize the boxes but that’s down the road a bit. I have meant to do this for years; it’s actually on my 101 things list.

Wildlife and Whatnot

March 14, 2007

I can see a couple positives as far as Daylight Savings goes, like t-ball practice moving to 5pm instead of 4pm so I’m not missing as much work, and being able to hike after work with it still be light out. Mostly, though, I hate it. I hate having to readjust to a different time, even just one hour. It is thoroughly excruciating to wake up while it’s still dark out. I have been dragging all week and Luke has too. I put him to bed at the “new” time but he is nearly impossible to wake up in the morning. I cannot possibly express just how much I am looking forward to Friday.

My mom is coming to town on Friday to visit for ten days. She’ll be spending a couple days in the middle at a conference downtown. I’m looking forward to her visit. She’ll get to watch Luke play t-ball and I’m hoping she’ll make tacos one night. We may try to go to a museum or something while she’s here; ever since Luke saw “Night at the Museum” he’s been dying to go to one (even though he understands that the exhibits won’t be coming to life while we’re there).

I think I am getting old. I feel like it anyway. I took Luke to the dentist yesterday and when I got up from sitting I did something to the joint in my hip. It really hurts! I feel so ridiculous because I was just sitting but gosh I really tweaked it. I hope it goes away soon because I was hoping to hike up Mt. Woodson while my mom is in town (it’s a 10.5 mile hike so Luke is really not up to that just yet).

I suppose life is okay right now, as much as it can be given everything I’ve gone through lately. I’m trying to settle into a new routine. It’s been hard. I’m not going anywhere for awhile and, except for a cross stitch GTG at my place this Saturday, don’t have any definitive plans aside from regular church and t-ball activities in the foreseeable future. I’d really like to start camping again once it warms up.

The big thing lately is that I’ve been trying to get organized. I have additional incentive after Monday. I went hiking in the afternoon and saw a rattlesnake…not thrilled about it but I managed to keep my cool. That night, though, I was picking up Luke’s dirty clothes in the bathroom and found a giant lizard. I know it didn’t get there by itself…Abby brings in lizards and Felix brings in birds. Oscar has been missing for a month; of all the cats to go missing it would be the one that brings in benign objects like twigs (yes, I saw this firsthand so can attest to it). Anyway I boxed up the lizard (it was a feisty one!) and safely transferred it to its proper habitat…outside. Then it occurred to me that there are far too many potential hiding places for critters around the house. I’ve been trying really hard to declutter but the progress has been slow.

I had the good fortune to meet up with some stitchers last Sunday at the San Diego Zoo. Pictures are still in my camera. I’ll be having a get-together at my place on Saturday, like I mentioned already. All stitchers are invited, so if you’ll be in the area let me know. The more the merrier!

Five WIPs

March 6, 2007

I finally pulled my camera out last night and took pictures of five of my wips. I forgot to transfer the picture of my finished ornaments from the weekend but oh well; next time I guess. Without further ado, here are the projects I’ve been working on:

Chatelaine’s Mini Mystery I:

Chatelaine’s Alpine Seasons (it’s really blurry, sorry):

Just Nan’s Noah’s Sampler Reborn:

Brightneedle’s Dollhouse, probably my favorite wip at present:

Mirabilia’s Easter Fairy, stitched on the fabric from the kit (but I will be using delicas when I get to the beads):

Alpine Seasons is for my Aunt; I’ve been working mostly on that for the past couple months (though I pulled out the Dollhouse last night for an hour). I’d like to finish Alpine Seasons by mid-May since I’ll see my Aunt at the end of the month but there’s a lot left and I don’t know that it’s possible.

So I am stitching some; it’s providing me with some much-needed therapy anyway. I had a quiet evening at home last night with Luke. We watched an episode of The Amazing Race and organized a bunch of stuff. Since I got him that storage unit for his closet (last night he said it was “cool”) I’ve been thinking about how to tackle his room and his toys that are not confined to his room. Last night we put all the loose Harry Potter Legos into two containers and cleared out storage space in the living room for the puzzles that had just been sitting on the floor. There is still a really long way to go between his room, my closet, and the hall closet, but we are getting there. One day at a time, I guess, like anything else.

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March 5, 2007

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March 1, 2007

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