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Quick Update

January 30, 2007

As Terri said my dad passed away on Thursday night. I will post a “real” post but I’m not ready for that yet. For now I will say that please, please if you smoke I beg you for the sake of your family to do all that you can to quit. It hurts more than yourself and it is just so devastating to lose a family member like this. I will post more when I’m ready though I expect that will be awhile…


My Dad…

January 25, 2007

The last Four days have been hell. I mentioned my dad a couple entries ago. My dad and I have had a complex relationship over the years. In the end, in spite of his alcoholism and smoking, I love my dad dearly and have always been able to tell him anything and everything, without encountering negativity or judgment (unless I used swear words…he always told me that I am intelligent enough to come up with more creative ways to express myself).

            On Sunday, after church, I checked my phone as I always do when I turn it back to ring from silent mode. I had a voicemail from by brother, Matt, and a text message that read “call me asap. Need help with dad. 911”. I called him immediately and learned that they were on their way to the emergency room. When he had called me an hour earlier he was having trouble convincing my dad that he needed to go to the ER so he called in the “big guns” (ie the pushy ones, me and my dad’s older sister, Susan). Fortunately Susan attends an earlier church service than I do so Matt was able to reach her and she convinced him to go with my brothers.

            When he was admitted to the ICU his blood pressure was 70 over 40. His lung was full of fluid again (it had been drained the week before). Over the course of the last few days he has remained in the ICU. He has been seen by a number of specialists. He had a blood transfusion but his blood pressure dropped severely again and they suspect internal bleeding is occurring somewhere. His blood isn’t clotting so he got a shot of clotting factor and another transfusion. He’s stable-ish at 101 over 60 or so but not quite stable enough to be moved to the other hospital for surgery yet.

            I spent the rest of Sunday by the phone after packing a bag, filling my gas tank, and adding oil to my car. I have been ready to leave town within five minutes, if necessary, but I’m reluctant to pull Luke out of school since he is moderately stable now and we saw him just over a week ago at Luke’s birthday party. I am driving up this weekend though; I’ve made arrangements so that Luke can stay here (kids under 12 can’t visit the ICU anyway and since he gets carsick I’d rather not take him on this trip).

            I am totally exhausted but I am so very proud of both of my brothers. They have really stepped up through all of this. I may have talked about my youngest brother, Michael, before. I’ve always had a hard time with him because he is so damn intelligent but I have often felt the he sabotages himself and doesn’t take advantage of his full potential. Maybe the reason he has floundered a bit until now is just so that he could still be at home and available to help my dad, and the rest of us, through this time. Knowing he is there with my dad and taking care of what needs to be done is a huge relief.

            Michael called earlier to say that dad is stable enough to be moved to have his lung surgically drained at the other hospital at 12:30. There still isn’t a diagnosis for the blood pressure issues or the build up of fluid in his lung. Of course we all assume that it is a result of the smoking and I just hope that it isn’t too late for him to get better. He quit drinking around Thanksgiving and hasn’t had a cigarette in over a week now…that’s one very good thing about him being in the ICU; he *can’t* get out to smoke from there!

            So, that’s where things stand with me right now. My computer at home stopped cooperating (again). I’ll upload pictures by the end of the month somehow but for now I’m pretty preoccupied with family drama. I thought 2007 was supposed to be better than 2006…

Brief Update

January 19, 2007

Luke’s birthday party went well on Sunday but oh am I glad it’s over! There were about 35 kids there in the end; a handful of those were siblings. Fortunately I didn’t get charged for going over the 25 kid flat-rate and had plenty of food, cake, and goody bags for all. Actually I still have snack items and sodas…neither of which I really eat or drink so those should last awhile.


I am so happy to report that my home computer is working again. I promise a very photo-intensive post in the near future with all my wip pictures. I realized that I haven’t taken pictures for about half of them and many of the pictures I have taken are old. I will remedy that soon; maybe even tonight depending on how late choir goes.


I started Brightneedle’s Dollhouse over the weekend and I don’t want to put it down. I’m up to four new starts now in the past month and I’m really enjoying all of them. Two of them should be fairly quick finishes but I’ve worked on each new start for about a week before starting another one. What I really need to do is organize my closets and my stitching stuff, not start new things.


Well that’s it for today. But lots of stitching pictures to come soon…I promise!

So Glad It’s Friday…

January 12, 2007

This has been such a long week for me and I am thrilled that it is nearly over. I’m having home computer drama at the moment (it refuses to boot…stupid windows) so my lack of posting recently is due to that. Hopefully it will get fixed soon; I have a friend who is going to help me out but we haven’t gotten to it yet. Luke’s 6th birthday party is this Sunday so I’ve been pretty busy with preparations. I’ve got 33 RSVP’s…last year we invited 35 kids and 23 attended. I figured it would be roughly the same this year so I think we sent out 37 invitations. I’m floored at the response. I know that Luke’s teacher said he is really sociable with the other kids and actually it was hard to keep the list to that (I’ve been told I’m insane already…). We’re having his party at a local place that has a giant warehouse room full of bouncies (obstacle course, giant slide, etc) and a party room so I don’t have to do any set up or clean up. I have ordered his (giant) cake and will go shopping tonight and tomorrow morning for goody bag items and food and drinks. He is so excited but I will just be glad when it is over!

 This has been a rough week for a number of reasons. In the end I think everything is okay, or as okay as it can be, or will be okay eventually (because really, what other option is there?). There is some uncertainty about work-related changes and the annual discussion has come up about building location. I have a one mile commute at the moment and a nine year old car that has to last awhile longer so I am always attentive when this is discussed! The big thing though is that my dad went to the ER last night because he doctor said earlier in the day that he had a collapsed lung. It turned out that it wasn’t collapsed but one of his lungs is ¾ full of fluid. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here but he has COPD as a result of the 35+ years of smoking. His doctor told him in November the he WILL die if he doesn’t quit. He has cut back from 20/day to 4-6/day but the last I heard (at Christmas) he still hadn’t quit entirely. I know that my youngest brother (thank goodness) threw out his cigarettes last night after driving him to the hospital and waiting around for hours. I know he can still end up buying more but at least the temptation won’t be right in front of him. He is meeting with a lung specialist today to figure out whether they’re going to drain the lung today or next week. He’s supposed to come down tomorrow for Luke’s birthday party but the most important thing is that he gets better. I would of course rather he miss this one party but be alive for others in the future! He has also stopped drinking completely. Over Christmas it was clear that his body is in shock. I am cautiously optimistic that he will make this a permanent change but I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much.

 Last week I started Mirabilia’s “Easter Fairy”. I ordered the delicas for this and the other seasonal fairies. I am not crazy about the conversion I did for the Halloween Fairy but the others are dead on (they arrived last night, no affiliation but wow Fire Mountain Gems is fast!!). I’m hoping to stitch all four of them this year. I agreed to stitch on unfinished projects (UFO’s) with Sarah on Fridays so I need to pull one out tonight (if I even get to stitch tonight…). I really want to start a few more things right now though. I have Brightneedle’s “Dollhouse” ready to start and I’d like to start a Shepherd’s Bush design (maybe St. Peter’s Faire?) and of course the Mar Bek “Nativity” which I’ve had kitted for years now. As always it is a matter of “too many designs and not enough time” as I’m sure any other stitcher will understand!

 I hiked up Iron Mountain last Saturday; it’s a 6 mile hike. I was surprised by how many people were out on the trail; there haven’t been that many out there when I’ve hiked there before. I’ve walked a few times this week but I’m still trying to work out a schedule since I can’t go to the gym anymore after Luke’s in bed since I can’t leave him home alone. I’ve been going after work before picking him up and that is working out okay I guess.

 Well that’s what’s new with me I guess. Since I’ve started three new things recently I’ll try to take pictures soon of my progress and I’ll pull out my older wips and try to make progress on those too. Look for some picture-intensive posts in the future!

Protected: A New Year

January 3, 2007

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