Bear Canisters

Thanks for all the nice comments; I had such a great time on the trip and can’t wait to go backpacking again (this time with matches!). There was a question about bear canisters…well, they are special containers for food, trash, and toiletries that bears can’t open. One of my friends has this one and we rented a second one at the ranger station. They are required according to the wilderness permit. I was a little apprehensive about bears but we didn’t see a single one. The guys were disappointed but I was relieved!

Sarah I know what you mean about putting names to faces; I love being able to do that and I’ve been surprised before too. I laughed that you thought I was blonde. I don’t surf either, nor am I a vegetarian. Oh, and I hate sushi. So those California stereotypes don’t fit, but I do hate cigarettes and love the outdoors, so those two apply at least.

So my birthday was Sunday; I can’t believe that I’m 28 already. I did start a new project for the occasion: Gypsy Hearts by Shepherd’s Bush. It’s small so hopefully it won’t take long. I was stuck at work pretty late last night and didn’t get much stitching done.

Choir starts back up this week; I have really missed it during the summer. What else is new…counseling was awful yesterday. We are just incapable of seeing eye to eye and it really sucks. Things have been really strained lately and it is taking a toll on me. Change can be so hard, even when it’s the right change. I know this from past experience but this is a tough situation and it’s hard to know what’s right!

Well that’s it for today. Maybe this will be the start of more frequent posting again…


4 Responses to “Bear Canisters”

  1. Amy Says:

    Happy late Birthday Jill! I hope it was a good one!

    We went camping in the Smokey Mtns. once when I was in high school, and we got trapped on a large rock by a bear and her cubs. Very frightening! 😮

  2. Darla Says:

    Belated happy birthday!!

  3. Jenny Says:

    Happy belated birthday from me too!

  4. Susan in SoCal Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Jill!

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