The Coolest Thing Ever

I’ve been feeling down lately; I’m really frustrated with my husband and work is stressful. Rather than dwell on these feelings, though, I’m going to post something that makes me laugh.This link here is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

See, we have cats. Three cats. I grew up with cats but they were always indoor cats. In yet another example of how my opinion does not seem to matter in my marriage (bad Jill, I said I wasn’t going to go there…) I got overruled and these cats are allowed to go in and out through a cat door. Since it wasn’t my idea and I fought it, well, I’ve made Jay take care of animal carcasses whenever he has been home but I have had to box up two lizards when he hasn’t been home.

I really don’t enjoy the feeling of wondering what I will find each time I return home and open the front door. Our cats have brought home some interesting things in the roughly 8-9 months that they’ve been allowed to go outside. Here is a comprehensive list to date: Felix has brought home 6 birds (2 lived, 3 died, 1 we aren’t sure because all we saw were feathers in and the house and in his tail…), a grasshopper, a paper towel, and a partially eaten burrito. Abby has brought home 3 lizards (2 of which survived the experience). Oscar has brought home a twig with leaves on it (that cat is seriously not right; we were home and got to witness this one and it was hilarious). We have also found a nasty rag and a dog bone but we aren’t sure of the culprit in those cases.

I’m sure I could rig up something similar but I don’t have the facial recognition software nor do I have a spare door that can be used just for the cats. I just love this idea, though. Be sure to check out this page specifically.

I suppose I should be thankful that we have only encountered birds, lizards, and the burrito; my co-worker went home the other day to discover a dead baby bunny waiting for him, compliments of his cat. So, I guess, things could always be worse…


10 Responses to “The Coolest Thing Ever”

  1. Faith Ann Says:

    Oh my gosh, that site is funny.

    It must be the week, Jill. I’ve been feeling down myself… so I’ll send some {{{hugs}}}.

    For the record, I’m happy that we keep our cat inside. There is NO way I want to pick up dead things! Our friend’s cat brought home a bunny last year…ewwwwww.

  2. katica Says:

    That is a neat site! Thanks for that. Our kitty is an indoor one for the most part but when the weather is warm enough she is allowed out on the deck… The one time she was allowed into the garden she caught a mouse and brought it back to the kitchen to play with… No thanks!

    (((((hugs))))) to you and I hope the frustration and stresses of home and work go away soon…

  3. Terri Says:

    So far Bandit has only brought in stuff when we’ve been home. The latest was the tail of a baby ground squirrel. We haven’t figure out if he caught it and that’s all that was left, or if it was dropped by one of the hawks or owls that visit on a regular basis. Of course, it’s “monster” season again and we’re glad he can get in with whatever if another one of those coyotes jumps the fence after him again.

    I love that website!

    P.S. Yes, you can borrow the book when I’ve finished 🙂

  4. Jenn Says:

    Omigod that facial recognition program is just the coolest thing in the world!!!

    And just about everybody I know has been in a funk or worse today. I think it’s the moon but I’m not sure anymore.

  5. Melissa Says:

    Ok, that is TOO cool! I’ve just spent the last half hour watching the AVIs and reading through the site.

  6. natty68 Says:

    Aaaah the joys of having Thankfully Smudge is now too old to even think about catching anything remotely “edible” and Ollie is odd. He prefers to stay indoors on the bed rather than go outside. And he definately doesnt know how to climb fences.. And all the birds in the area know this, as they all come and feed and play in our garden, sometimes right in front of the cats noses. 🙂

    Now Bear the dog is different entirely 🙂 He has the resident toad in our garden that he sometimes plays with, and the family of hedgehogs he often sniffs them when they come out and he is in the garden at nighttime.

    Ok I think I have weird


  7. Karen Says:

    That is too cool! I’ll bet it works for dogs, too. It seems like a great way to control who (and what) comes and goes through the pet door.

  8. Rani Says:

    That’s so cool! I cannot tell you how many dead and alive things my 3 cats bring in. It’s disgusting! And they always seem to do it when my dh isn’t home. Thankfully my dad lives close and he comes to my rescue on a regular basis. The one that freaked me out the most was a huge moth that I call Mothra. *shudder* My dad came and got it. It took up his entire palm of his hand and he has big hands! YUCK!!!

  9. Darla Says:

    And here I thought that when a cat brought you a dead smelly thing it was a sign of love.

  10. Jenny Says:

    Just wanted to send a hug or two on things on the marriage front. 😦 Hope there is improvement on that soon.

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