And Hell Freezes Over…

I dropped my phone yesterday; not just a minor drop but a major-phone-bouncing-down-the-gutter sort of drop. This morning I realized it has a crack and every time I open it (it’s a flip phone) I hear a creaking sound. I finally broke down and bought a new one at lunch. I say “bought” but it will end up costing -$10 when I get the rebate. I’m so annoyed though because it is impossible to get a non-camera phone. I swore I would never get a camera phone (hence the post title here) but it was either a camera phone or a much more expensive phone with an extremely short battery life. Camera phone it is. I’ve managed to figure out how to use it already; it’s a little different but it will do I suppose. Certainly can’t beat the price.

I took Luke to Sea World on Saturday where he came down with the stomach flu and proceeded to throw up every 20 minutes for the next 7 hours (including twice in the car on the way home…sigh). The day started off well, though; he scored three goals at soccer and was so happy! Sunday I went hiking with a friend from work and managed to get in 6.5 miles total. We’re planning to start hiking regularly which will be fun since Jay laughs at me whenever I suggest it. I did have to go into work last night after dinner for a few hours though. I need a break!

Well, it’s a short post today but at least it’s a post. Someday I’ll transfer pictures from my camera to my computer again then I’ll have some more interesting posts.


One Response to “And Hell Freezes Over…”

  1. Faith Ann Says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a busy schedule lately… hope it calms down a bit!

    I hope Luke is feeling better :)–>

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